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Concept.png Wikipedia/Protection 
Wikipedia protects sensitive pages, to prevent anonymous edits which are deemed unwanted. Such protection is an indication that a page may be of deep political relevance.

Official narrative

English Wikipedia allows any IP address to edit it, rendering it vulnerable to spam or vandalism. The Protection policies are provide one way of addressing this issue.

Pending Changes Protection

Wikipedia's current system of "Pending Changes Protection" (PC1) has been in operation since December 2012, and seems to be affecting an increasing number of pages.[1] Wikipedia policy states that "Pending changes protection is a tool used to suppress vandalism and certain other persistent problems, while allowing all users to continue to submit edits." The use of this protection method allows Wikipedia editors not only to reject submitted changes, but to do so without record of their ever having been submitted. This form of censorship circumvents the method of examining page histories.

Pending Changes Protected Pages

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