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LocationMiddle East, Asia
Typenation state
Interest ofCENTCOM
Member ofArab League, UN
SubpageOman/1970 coup d'état
The oldest independent state in the Arab world.

Oman, according to a 1988 EIR story about John Deuss, "is a shared asset of British and U.S. business and foreign policy networks. The British have the upper hand, with the United States competing to strengthen its leverage".[1]


Related Quotations

James Critchfield“Besides the Deuss connection to Oman, Shackley's other link is James Critchfield, the former head of the CIA's Middle East desk, and later chief of intelligence for energy. Critchfield is president of Tetra Tech International, a subsidiary of Honeywell, Inc. Tetra Tech has a contract with Oman to develop the economic infrastructure of the Masandam Peninsula, which is at the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz.”Executive Intelligence Review
James Critchfield
24 June 1988
George Curzon“[We need an] Arab facade ruled and administered under British guidance and controlled by a native Mohammedan and, as far as possible, by an Arab staff…. There should be no actual incorporation of the conquered territory in the dominions of the conqueror, but the absorption may be veiled by such constitutional fictions as a protectorate, a sphere of influence, a buffer state and so on.””George Curzon
Keenie Meenie Services“The new company first struck gold in Oman where Walker landed a lucrative contract to train and supervise the special forces of the new sultan. He had just deposed his despotic father in a bloodless coup which was led by two British SAS veterans who had personally confronted the old sultan in his palace and told him he must go. The KMS contract was a million-dollar thank-you from the new sultan, and it effectively established KMS as a permanent military presence in the Middle East, giving British intelligence a foot in the door of a country which has become strategically vital during the Gulf War.”Nick Davies1988
Timothy Landon“The key British power broker with influence in Oman is Timothy Landon. In 1970, the sultan ran a bloodless coup against his father with the help of Landon, a British military and intelligence figure. Known as the "Lawrence of Arabia" of Oman, Landon, who now lives in England, was the sultan's college buddy at Sandhurst. According to British intelligence sources, Shackley has a working relationship with Landon's associates and operatives.”Timothy Landon24 June 1988



Le Cercle/1990 (Oman)Start/End dates uncertain
Oman/1970 coup d'état


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