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In 2022
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Google is censorsed (as are other corporate sites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, Reddit, YouTube and Twitter), not only on grounds of copyright or indecency, but because certain ideas are deemed as unwelcome on the network. After his channel was deleted, Sayed Hasan charged that "Youtube strives to hide its censorship behind a pseudo-legalistic procedure."[1]


Google has been engaging in censorship since at least 2010.[2] Criticism on this account has been increasing particularly since the "Fake News" meme was launched in 2016.


2019 had two whistleblowers from the company's workforce, Greg Coppola and Zach Vorhies, both showing severe manipulation by Google by exercising political bias in coding its algorithms.


In 2018, of Sayed Hasan criticised YouTube after it removed his channel on December 2017. This has had 400 videos and over 6 million views, "subtitled in French and English speeches of Sayed Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary General of Hezbollah", explaining that it was a “violation of the rules concerning violent or graphic content on Youtube”. This contrasts with its acceptance of Donald Trump's threat to “completely destroy” North Korea "or the Israeli bragging about bombing Iran and toppling its regime, assassinating Hassan Nasrallah".[1]

Chrome Browser

In 2018, Google reportedly removed the anti-Censorship software "Ahoy" from their webstore without giving any explanation. It had 185,000 users and was open source.[3]

"Fake News"

Google has used the excuse of "fake news" to justify censorship.[citation needed] to In October 2017, Andre Damon criticised it on the World Socialist Web Site for adjusting its algorithms to reduce traffic to "left-wing, progressive and anti-war websites, which cut the search traffic of 13 leading news outlets by 55 percent since April". The World Socialist Web Site reported an 85% drop in search referrals over that period.[4]

Hidden censorship

Censorship is harder to detect with search engines than social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

Search suggestion censorship

An image which topped the Saidit frontpage on 18 February 2022 illustrating use of search suggestions to promote censorship[5]
Hillary clinton email search suggestions censorship 2018.png

In December 2018, a poster on Reddit noted that Google search suggestions made no mention of Hillary Clinton's private email server. On typing in "Hillary Clinton e", no search suggestions included "Hillary Clinton email", although other US politicians did. Moreover no other major search engines were reported to be affected; Yahoo and DuckDuckGo both suggesting "Hillary Clinton email".[6]

Implications for Wikispooks editors

Wikispooks editors are recommended not to rely on Google as their only search engine - a variety of engines is likely to open up a wider variety of material.


A Google/Censorship victim on Wikispooks

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