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A site to encourage donations for content providers, but from late 2020 deleting dissident accounts.

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Started: May 2013
Founders: Jack Conte, Sam Yam

Patreon is a company that manages payments to content providers, often in the terms of monthly subscriptions. In late 2020 started removing providers that did not follow official narratives.

EU Disinfolab pushing closing of accounts

On 18 December 2020, The European Union-funded[1] nominally independent EU DisinfoLab released a study questioning «whether Patreon's efforts to tackle disinformation prioritized English-language content over that of other languages. The study «identified at least 17 Spanish accounts that monetize and spread QAnon content and other conspiracy theories[2][3]

Besides Patreon's "failure to remove all accounts that directly reference QAnon", the study pointed to "a number of other accounts that monetize other conspiracies like COVID-19 denialism or unfounded theories about 5G that indirectly interweave QAnon ideas into their narratives."

"These examples illustrate that the measures implemented by Patreon are not fully enforced and still leave room for the circulation of QAnon theories on the platform," wrote the author also stating that «the problem of disinformation goes far beyond QAnon and argues that more action is needed against the spread and monetization of dangerous conspiracy theories on Patreon.

Censorship on Patreon

Removing KenFM

On February 19th, 2021, Patreon closed the account of KenFM[4], the largest non-corporate media in Germany.

Removing Demokratischer Widerstand

In February 2021 Patreon cancelled the account of the German group Demokratischer Widerstand (Democratic Resistance) with a spurious explanation.[5][6] The group publishes a weekly newspaper since April 2020 with left leaning critique of the government Covid-19 measures.[7] Mainstream media reporting in Germany targeted them from the earliest moment on.[8][9]

Removing Geopolitics & Empire

In February 2021, Patreon declared it is going to deplatform "Geopolitics & Empire", an independent news and analysis radio show.

Removing Last American Vagabond

In February 2021 The Last American Vagabond was told to remove remove all "medical misinformation" or be delisted[10]

In February 2021, Patreon stated they would imminently close The Last American Vagabond[11], one of the best sites for Covid-19 news and analysis, unless all "Covid-19 medical misinformation" was removed. Whitney Webb, who is a writer for that website, gets her Patreon account censored in March since her reports might dissuade her audience from taking preventative measures to fight COVID-19.[12][13][14]


In October 2020 , Patreon announced that it would be taking action against accounts who use its platform to actively spread QAnon’s beliefs, «a growing threat».“QAnon-dedicated creators that are identified by our Policy and Trust & Safety teams will have their accounts removed from Patreon.”[15][16]

Customers «who have spread some QAnon ideas but “are not dedicated to spreading QAnon content” would also be given the opportunity to recant and «bring their accounts into compliance, according to the company.»

An account called SGTreport got demonetized[17]

Patreon on Wikispooks

One or two people on Wikispooks have Patreon pages, semantically represented by the property:Has patreon:

 Has patreonDescription
Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed academic with extensive knowledge of deep politics and the use of false flag terror, featured frequently on Unwelcome Guests.
AltCensored website archiving material censored by YouTube
Kevin Barrett academic and 9-11/Dissident.
James Corbett Corbett is a popular critic of the US establishment who has been active on the internet since 2007.
Ole Dammegård
Ryan Dawson
Dan Dicks
Gordon Dimmack independent journalist
Jay Dyer of 'Esoteric Hollywood'
Films For Action provider of inspiring videos. Named as an outlet of "Fake News" by PropOrNot.
Katherine Horton physicist who reports that she is engaged in conflict with intelligence agencies.
Caitlin Johnstone deep state aware activist anarchist
Jefferson Morley of The Deep State Blog
Next News Network as an "extreme antigovernment group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center.
Kurt Nimmo
OffGuardian by a group of Guardian readers unhappy with its censorship policy
James Evan Pilato
Project Censored long running academic investigation into the control of the US corporate media.
Pearse Redmond of Porkins Policy Review
Saidit less corporate Reddit.
The Black Vault source of FOIAed US government documents
The Duran
The Grayzone
The Juice Media of videos
The Last American Vagabond censored by Western corporate/governments for Covid-19 coverage and other deep state subjects.
True Pundit
Truthstream Media internet based, independent media outlet
Whitney Webb

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