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In its own words:
"Anti-Media’s evolution from a fiercely independent news blog to the Homepage of Independent Media is now complete."

Anti-Media is a non-partisan, anti-establishment news publisher and crowd-curated media aggregator[1] that was founded on Facebook by Nick Bernabe.[2]

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Documents sourced from Anti-Media

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Document:The World Is on the Brink of War Once Again as All Hell Breaks Loose in SyriaArticleIsrael
Mainstream media
8 February 2018Darius ShahtahmasebiWith the assistance of the media, the United States and Israel continue to bomb Syria in direct contravention of international law, targeting Russia's ally the Syrian Arab Army, without any significant journalistic or international opposition.
Document:Time to Start Paying Attention: The US Just Bombed Russians in SyriaArticleUN
9 February 2018Darius ShahtahmasebiIt is not clear if Russia has a retaliation of its own in mind, but we would do well to remember that when similar incidents took place last year, Russia indicated that they would begin targeting US jets if they had to. Almost immediately after this stark warning, Australia pulled its planes out of its air missions in Syria.