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Premature deaths of spooks, not necessarily suspicious

Premature deaths of spooks are listed below in 3 categories: assassinations, where the individual was targeted and killed, murders in which may have been unrelated to their spooky activities, and premature deaths which may have been due to accident, illness or suicide.


Assassinated spooks on Wikispooks

Wikispooks pageBornDiedSummaryDescription
Boris Bazarov18931939Spook
William Francis Buckley30 May 19283 June 1985Soldier
Alexander Burnes16 May 18052 November 1841Spook
William Cooper6 May 19436 November 2001Spook
9-11/Premature death
Announced around 10 weeks before 9/11 that "Whatever they're going to blame on Usama bin Laden - don't you believe it...They will soon do something outlandish to gain the support of the Sheeple". He was killed by the US Marshals Service less than two months after the event.
Edward Cutolo4 November 193126 May 1980Spook
Drug smuggler
CIA/Drug trafficking/Premature death
A drug smuggler who named a lot of names about the CIA's drug trafficking, and who then died a sudden death, as did many of those he named.
Denis Donaldson19504 April 2006Spook
Álvaro Gomez-Hurtado8 May 19192 November 1995Lawyer
Alexander Litvinenko30 August 196223 November 2006Spook
Russian apartment bombings/Premature death
An exiled Russian spook turned whistleblower who died of Polonium poisoning in London.
George de Mohrenschildt17 April 191129 March 1977Spook
Deep state functionary
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
HSCA/Premature deaths
Lee Harvey Oswald's handler, found dead after attempting to share some of what he knew with the media.
William Remington25 October 191724 November 1954Spook
Anton SurikovNovember 2009Spook
Richard WelchSpook


Murdered spooks

Wikispooks pageBornDiedSummaryDescription
Roland Carnaby195629 April 2008Spook
Deep state operative
A senior spook who was shot by a Houston police officer following a high speed motor car chase and died of his wounds.
Francis Cromie30 January 188231 August 1918Spook
Mario FerraroJuly 1995Spook
Valentine Fleming17 February 188220 May 1917Spook
Matthew Gannon11 August 195421 December 1988Spook
Cyrus Hashemi193821 July 1986Arms Dealer
Amiram Nir8 December 195030 November 1988Spook


Other prematurely deceased spooks

Wikispooks pageBornDiedSummaryDescription
Manuel Artime29 January 193218 November 1977Spook
Lionel Crabb28 January 190919 April 1956Spook
A spook whose illadvised fatal dive lead to the early retirement of MI6 Director general, John Sinclair.
Jerry Daniels11 June 194129 April 1982Spook
Ahmed Dlimi193122 January 1983Spook
John Earman191310 April 1974Spook
Desmond FitzGerald16 June 191023 July 1967Spook
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Harold Goulding21 August 19034 August 1945Spook
Master mariner, spook and commander of the Special Boat Unit Headquarters who carried out "very secret work". Interest centers on the final month of the war, when Goulding was purportedly posted to Cardiff. Died of meningitis in an Edinburgh hospital 3 months later after another unexpected posting to Scotland.
François de Grossouvre29 March 19187 April 1994Spook
The spook in charge of Operation Gladio in France.
Dorothy Hunt1 April 19208 December 1972Spook
JFK/Assassination/Premature death
Spook, wife of Watergate/JFK assassination conspirator, E. Howard Hunt. Killed in a plane suspicious crash.
Steve Kangas11 May 19618 February 1999Journalist
A spook turned whistleblower who was one of the first political campaigners on the internet. Probably murdered by the cabal.
Saak Karapetyan3 October 2018Lawyer
Walter Krivitsky28 June 189910 February 1941Spook
Osama bin Laden10 March 1957December 2001Spook
Enemy image
A CIA operative, heavily involved in CIA covert operations such as Operation Cyclone and Gladio plan B.
Daniel Lewin14 May 197011 September 2001Spook
Gordon Lonsdale17 January 192214 October 1970Spook
Ashraf Marwan2 February 19442 October 2007Spook
Robert Maxwell10 June 19235 November 1991Media mogul
John Paisley25 August 192324 September 1978Spook
HSCA/Premature deaths
A spook who died before he could testify in the HSCA.
Francis Gary PowersAugust 1977Spook
HSCA/Premature deaths
James Rusbridger26 February 192816 February 1994Author
Frank Wisner23 June 190929 October 1965Deep politician


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