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Silkie CarloFreedom of speech
Civil liberties
John CarmanSet up a website about his experience of corruption in the US/Customs and Border Protection
Stokely CarmichaelThe Black Panthers
Ilona Szabó de CarvalhoBrazilian activist showered with attention and funding from "global leaders".
Stefano Delle Chiaie
Giulietto Chiesa9/11
Cold War II
Italian journalist and dissident. Increasingly in the sights of the intelligence services because of his opposition to the New Cold War.
Ramsey ClarkUS Attorney General turned activist
George ClooneySudan
William Sloane CoffinPeace
Sue Coleman-HaseldineNuclear Weapon Ban Treaty
Progressive International
Sam CookeSinger and Civil Rights activist. He was good friends with boxer Muhammad Ali and activist Malcolm X. Shot dead in Los Angeles motel, possibly as part of COINTELPRO.
Newt CoppleFranklin child prostitution ring
Piers CorbynCOVID-19/Lockdown
The activist brother of UK politician Jeremy Corbyn.
Charles Courtney-Clarke
David Cromwell
Tim CroslandPlan B Earth
Rachel CrowdyEnglish nurse and social reformer, with some military connections.
Henri CurielInternational left wing activist with many enemies, gunned down.
Bronson CuttingBank
Fractional reserve banking
A US senator whose efforts to reform the banking system appeared to be gaining traction in 1934. He died in a plane crash in 1935.
Ryan DawsonSDSAmerican historian and activist; founder of the Anti Neocon Report
Guy Debord
Clarissa DelgadoTeacher
Social change
WEF YGL 2022,
David Dellinger
Dan DicksDeep politics
Deep state
Dan Dicks is a regular watcher of Bilderberg.
Thomas DineFormer executive director of AIPAC and former president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Document:Biology as Ideology Lecture
Daniel Domscheit-BergFormer spokesperson for WikiLeaks, who attended the 2011 WEF AGM
Darya DuginaRussian journalist and political activist who was killed in a car bombing on the outskirts of Moscow on 20 August 2022
Deborah DupreGulf War syndrome
Pumza DyantyiSouth African health politician stated to have died from Covid-19 in December 2020.
Shirin Ebadi
Beverly EckertThe outspoken wife of a 9/11 victim who refused to accept the 9-11/Compensation fund and forcefully stating "My silence cannot be bought".
David Edwards
Jonathan Elinoff9-11
Pat Sullivan
Daniel EllsbergA feted whistleblower who exposed some details of how the US government was waging the Vietnam War. The fact that he was not persecuted has lead several commentators to suggest that he may not in fact have been all he appears to be. Specifically, the Pentagon Papers may have been a limited hangout.
Dave EmoryFascism
Red House meeting
Third Reich
Underground Third Reich
Willem EngelCOVID-19Dutch "Covid denier" who was arrested when he became too much of a headache.
Peter EyreActivist and blogger. The blog seems to be inactive since 2011.
Jerry Falwell
Walter E. Fauntroy
Tom FeeleyPeace
War crime
Founder of Information Clearing House
Andrew FeinsteinAfrican National Congress
South Africa
Arms trade
Former South African politician who authored Shadowworld, an expose of the global arms trade.
File:Jeff Schmidt - Disciplined Minds A Critical Look at Salaried Professionals and the Soul-battering System That Shapes Their Lives.pdf
Ruth FirstAn anti-apartheid activist, investigative journalist, and scholar. She wrote in her autobiography that her life was dedicated "to the liberation of Africa for I count myself an African, and there is no cause I hold dearer."
Viviane FischerCOVID-19
Robert Koch Institute
Christian Drosten
Dissident lawyer who works with the Corona Investigative Committee
Tod Fletcher9-11
Crispin FlintoffLabour Grassroots
Polona FlorijančičJulian AssangeFounding member of "Lawyers for Assange".
Paul FootColin Wallace
1994 London Israeli Embassy attack
Lockerbie bombing
Peter FordMiddle East