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(journalist, editor, political activist)
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BornDecember 1989
InterestsEnough is Enough UK

Ronan Burtenshaw is an Irish writer based in London who, in 2018, became editor of Tribune Magazine, and led its relaunch as part of the Jacobin stable where he had previously worked as Europe editor.

Ronan Burtenshaw's work has also appeared in The Guardian,[1] the Irish Times and many other outlets. He was one of the first English-language journalists on the ground during the Gezi Park protests in Istanbul and has covered numerous international movements.


​Burtenshaw has previously served in a number of political and trade union roles, from the leadership of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions youth section to a national youth representative for the National Union of Journalists, a political advisor in Dáil Éireann, chair of the Greek Solidarity Committee, a member of the board of think tank Transform and co-organiser of the We're Not Leaving campaign against youth unemployment.[2]

Enough is Enough

In August 2022, Ronan Burtenshaw became a Director of the campaign group Enough is Enough UK.[3]

Own words

"Wars are easy to begin and difficult to stop. Escalation takes on a logic of its own, each step from either side changing the calculation of the other. The impossible becomes inevitable. Cold War politicians understood this, ours do not. In a nuclear world, this is very bad news."[4]


A Document by Ronan Burtenshaw

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
Document:How Keir Starmer Sabotaged Rebecca Long-BaileyArticle26 June 2020Rebecca Long-Bailey
Keir Starmer
2020 Labour Party leadership contest
Maxine Peake
Rebecca Long-Bailey’s approach to schools reopening had been entirely vindicated: she backed teachers and their unions as they changed the political terrain and forced the Tory government into a concession. This was politics in the best traditions of the labour movement but was anathema to Sir Keir Starmer.