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Founder• Peter Thiel
• Alex Karp
• Joe Lonsdale
• Stephen Cohen (entrepreneur)
• Nathan Gettings
HeadquartersPalo Alto, California

Palantir Technologies is a software company which focuses on mass surveillance and data analysis. It is closely connected to the MICC.


Palantir has been called "Silicon Valley's Most Secretive Company".[1] and the "War on Terror's Secret Weapon".[2] "Founded in 2004 by Peter Thiel and some fellow PayPal alumni, Palantir cut its teeth working for the Pentagon and the CIA in Afghanistan and Iraq. The company’s engineers and products don’t do any spying themselves; they’re more like a spy’s brain, collecting and analyzing information that’s fed in from the hands, eyes, nose, and ears. The software combs through disparate data sources—financial documents, airline reservations, cellphone records, social media postings—and searches for connections that human analysts might miss. It then presents the linkages in colorful, easy-to-interpret graphics that look like spider webs."[3]

Palantir helped create the visual mapping software for XKeyscore, an NSA hacking tool that was disclosed by Edward Snowden.[4]


As of December 2014, Peter Thiel was Palantir's largest shareholder.[5]

Military contracts

In 2018, Palantir won a $876 million contract from the US Army.[6]