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(peace activist)
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The German peace activist Reiner Braun is the new International Peace Bureau co-President. The managing director of the German section of Lawyers Against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons (IALANA), he was elected at the IPB's Triennial Assembly in Stockholm.

Braun's co-President, the former UNESCO Director Ingeborg Breines from Norway, was confirmed in her post, for a further 3 years.

Whistleblower Prize

Reiner Braun is also Director of the Federation of German Scientists (VDW). In late August, both VDW and IALANA Germany, together with the anti-corruption organisation Transparency International, jointly awarded the Whistleblower Prize to the former NSA employee Edward Snowden.[1]

Interview with Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn answers questions on the next steps towards reaching a nuclear weapons-free world, disarmament, as well as how western countries can establish more cooperative relations with Russia.[2]


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