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Person.png Giovanni Malagodi  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
Giovanni Malagodi.jpg
London, UK
Died1991-04-17 (Age 86)
Rome, Italy
PartyItalian Liberal Party
President of the Italian Senate, Attended the first Bilderberg and 8 others.

Employment.png President of the Italian Senate Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
22 April 1987 - 1 July 1987
Preceded byAmintore Fanfani
Succeeded byGiovanni Spadolini

Employment.png President of the Liberal International

In office
1982 - 1989
8 Bilderbergs up to 1965

Employment.png Member of the Italian Senate

In office
1979 - 17 April 1991

Employment.png President of the Liberal International

In office
1958 - 1966
Preceded byRoger Motz
8 Bilderbergs up to 1965

Employment.png Member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies

In office
16 June 1953 - 11 July 1979

Giovanni Malagodi


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/195429 May 195431 May 1954Netherlands
Hotel Bilderberg
The first Bilderberg meeting, attended by 68 men from Europe and the US, including 20 businessmen, 25 politicians, 5 financiers & 4 academics.
Bilderberg/1955 September23 September 195525 September 1955Germany
The third Bilderberg, in West Germany. The subject of a report by Der Spiegel which inspired a heavy blackout of subsequent meetings.
Bilderberg/195611 May 195613 May 1956Denmark
The 4th Bilderberg meeting, with 147 guests, in contrast to the generally smaller meetings of the 1950s. Has two Bilderberg meetings in the years before and after
Bilderberg/1957 February15 February 195717 February 1957US
St Simons Island
Georgia (State)
The earliest ever Bilderberg in the year, number 5, was also first one outside Europe.
Bilderberg/1957 October4 October 19576 October 1957Italy
The 6th Bilderberg meeting, the latest ever in the year and the first one in Italy.
Bilderberg/195813 September 195815 September 1958United Kingdom
The 7th Bilderberg and the first one in the UK. 72 guests
Bilderberg/196028 May 196029 May 1960Switzerland
The 9th such meeting and the first one in Switzerland. 61 participants + 4 "in attendance". The meeting report contains a press statement, 4 sentences long.
Bilderberg/196218 May 196220 May 1962Sweden
The 11th Bilderberg meeting and the first one in Sweden.
Bilderberg/19652 April 19654 April 1965Italy
Villa d'Este
The 14th Bilderberg meeting, held in Italy
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