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(banker, businessman, deep politician)
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Stockholm, Sweden
Alma materWharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania
Parents • Peter Wallenberg
• Suzanne Wallenberg
Children • Lovisa Wallenberg
• Jacob Wallenberg Jr
• Alice Wallenberg
SpouseMarie Wehtje
Member ofAtlantic Council/Board, Bilderberg/Steering committee, Council on Foreign Relations/Global Board of Advisors, European Round Table of Industrialists, Trilateral Commission, WEF/Global Leaders for Tomorrow/1993, Wallenberg family

Jacob Wallenberg Sr is a Swedish banker and industrialist, currently serving as a board member for multiple companies. Jacob Wallenberg is a member of the Bilderberg Steering committee and a third generation Bilderberger[1].


Wallenberg was born in 1956 in Stockholm, son of Peter Wallenberg Sr and Suzanne Fleming. Jacob attended the Royal Swedish Naval Academy and is today an Reserve Officer in the Royal Swedish Navy. Jacob is a prominent member of the Wallenberg family, the banking and business family that has dominated the Swedish economy for a hundred years. Through their immense fortune and political connections, the Wallenberg family is at the core of the Swedish deep state.


Jacob Wallenberg is Chairman of the Board of Investor AB, the familiy holding company, and a major shareholder of Nordic-based global companies. He is Vice Chairman of ABB, Ericsson AB, FAM AB and Patricia Industries. He also serves on the Board of Nasdaq Inc. Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and a couple of other Wallenberg Foundations and Stockholm School of Economics.


He is a member of the steering committee of ERT, the European Round Table of Industrialists and the Advisory Board of Tsinghua University School of Economics and Management. He is also member of the Trilateral Commission. He was the Chairman of Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB), the family bank, from 1998 to 2005 and Vice Chairman from 2005 to 2014. He was the CEO of the Bank in 1997 and in charge of Corporate and Investment banking 1995-1996.

Wallenberg has been Vice Chairman of Atlas Copco, SAS Group, Stora Enso and served on the board of The Coca-Cola Company, Electrolux, WM-data and Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.[2]


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/199814 May 199817 May 1998Scotland
The 46th Bilderberg meeting, held in Scotland, chaired by Peter Carrington
Bilderberg/20001 June 20004 June 2000Belgium
The 48th Bilderberg, 94 guests
Bilderberg/200124 May 200127 May 2001Sweden
The 49th Bilderberg, in Sweden. Reported on the WWW.
Bilderberg/200230 May 20022 June 2002US
Westfields Marriott
The 50th Bilderberg, held at Chantilly, Virginia.
Bilderberg/200315 May 200318 May 2003France
The 51st Bilderberg, in Versailles, France
Bilderberg/20043 June 20046 June 2004Italy
The 52nd such meeting. 126 recorded guests
Bilderberg/20055 May 20058 May 2005Germany
The 53rd Bilderberg, 132 guests
Bilderberg/20068 June 200611 June 2006Canada
54th Bilderberg, held in Canada. 133 guests
Bilderberg/200731 May 20073 June 2007Turkey
The 55th Bilderberg meeting, held in Turkey
Bilderberg/20085 June 20088 June 2008US
The 56th Bilderberg, Chantilly, Virginia, 139 guests
Bilderberg/200914 May 200917 May 2009Greece
The 57th Bilderberg
Bilderberg/20103 June 20106 June 2010Spain
Hotel Dolce Sitges
The 122 guests met in the Hotel Dolce Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.
Bilderberg/20119 June 201112 June 2011Switzerland
Hotel Suvretta
St. Moritz
59th meeting, in Switzerland, 129 guests
Bilderberg/201231 May 20123 June 2012US
The 58th Bilderberg, in Chantilly, Virginia. Unusually just 4 years after an earlier Bilderberg meeting there.
Bilderberg/20136 June 20139 June 2013Watford
The 2013 Bilderberg group meeting.
Bilderberg/201429 May 20141 June 2014Denmark
Marriott Hotel
Bilderberg/201511 June 201514 June 2015Austria
The 63rd meeting, 128 Bilderbergers met in Austria
Bilderberg/20169 June 201612 June 2016Germany
The 2016 Bilderberg meeting took place in Dresden, Germany.
WEF/Annual Meeting/202021 January 202024 January 2020World Economic Forum
This mega-summit of the world's ruling class and their political and media appendages happens every year, but 2020 was special, as the continuous corporate media coverage of COVID-19 started more or less from one day to the next on 20/21. January, coinciding with the start of the meeting.


  1. his father, Peter Wallenberg was a second generation Bilderberger
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacob_Wallenberg