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year 1888


rnational Congress for Women's Rights organized by Susan B. Anthony in Washington, D.C., leading to formation of the International Council of Women, a key event in the international women's movement.



Pax Brittanica18151915
Victorian era18401901


New Groups

De Beers17 Charterhouse Street.jpg
New Mexico State UniversityNMSU seal.pngPublicLand-grantSpace-grantNew Mexico university
Utah State UniversityGroup.png
Baker DonelsonBaker Donelson logo.pngLarge U.S. law firm and lobbying group
Mahidol UniversityMahidol U.pngThai medical university
University of Puget SoundUniversity of Puget Sound seal.pngMilitary ranks
Liberal arts
Small liberal arts college in Washington State
Searle PharmaceuticalsGroup.pngTaken over by Monsanto in 1985.
Abertay UniversityAbertay University Logo.pngAbertay was the first to offer a degree in Ethical Hacking, starting in 2006.
Pontifical Catholic University of ChileEscudo de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.pngMilitary ranks
Prestigious Catholic university in Santiago, Chile



TitleBornPlace of birthDiedSummaryDescription
H. F. van Walsem18881968BusinesspersonChairman of the Board of Philips Industries Eindhoven.
Herbert Morrison3 January 1888London
Georgios Papandreou13 February 1888Greece
1 November 1968PoliticianA critic of NATO
John Foster Dulles25 February 1888United States
Washington DC
24 May 1959Diplomat
Deep politician
US lawyer turned deep politician, brother of Allen Dulles
René Massigli22 March 18883 February 1988DiplomatFrench diplomat
Rex Leeper25 March 1888Australia
New South Wales
2 February 1968Diplomat
Julian Grenfell30 March 1888London
26 May 1915PoetWar poet killed by a shell in World War I.
Harvey Hollister Bundy30 March 18887 October 1963Lawyer
Deep state operative
Special Assistant on Atomic Matters under FDR. Chairman of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace,
Józef Retinger17 April 188812 June 1960Deep politicianThe Polish deep politician who set up the Bilderberg group
Percy Sillitoe22 May 1888London
Tulse Hill
5 April 1962Spook
Police officer
Bronson Cutting23 June 1888New York
Great River
6 May 1935Activist
Media executive
A US senator whose efforts to reform the banking system appeared to be gaining traction in 1934. He died in a plane crash in 1935.
Axel Georg12 August 1888Denmark
14 July 1964Danish Prince who attended the 1956 Bilderberg in Fredensborg, Denmark
Joseph Kennedy6 September 188818 November 1969Businessperson
Paul Rykens14 September 1888Netherlands
19 April 1964Deep politician
Dutch businessman and friend of Józef Retinger who was initially consulted on the founding of the Bilderberg Group
Harold Thorby2 October 18881 January 1973Politician"We the government have vital information which we cannot disclose. It is upon this knowledge that we make decisions. You, who are merely private citizens, have no access to this information. Any criticism you make of our policy, any controversy about it in which you may indulge, will therefore be uninformed and valueless. If, in spite of your ignorance, you persist in questioning our policy, we can only conclude that you are disloyal."
Henry Agard Wallace7 October 1888Iowa
18 November 1965
Nestor Makhno26 October 1888Ukraine
Russia/Tsarist Russia
6 July 1934RevolutionaryCommander of a "third force" in Ukraine 1917–21.
Ivar Rooth2 November 1888Sweden
27 February 1972Lawyer
Central banker
Swedish Managing Director of the IMF
Marshall Diggs7 November 1888Dallas
September 1968Lawyer
Jean Monnet9 November 1888Cognac
16 March 1979Deep politicianFrench deep state operative, Le Cercle, the most powerful man in France without a ministerial office.
Clinton Golden16 November 1888Pennsylvania
12 June 1961Academic
Labor leader
Anti-communist labor union leader. Double Bilderberger
Oswald Rayner29 November 1888United Kingdom
6 March 1961Spook
M. J. Coldwell2 December 1888Seaton25 August 1974Canadian politician
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