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Group.png Wolf's Head  
(Secret society)Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
HeadquartersYale University
Membership• Malcolm Baldrige Jr
• Donald Beer
• Stephen Vincent Benet
• Clarence Winthrop Bowen
• David Josiah Brewer
• John Charlesworth
• Thomas Charlton
• Sam Chauncey
• John Proctor Clarke
• Alexander Smith Cochran
• Erastus Corning 2nd
• Parker Corning
• Robert Fiske
• William Clay Ford
• Richard Gilder
• Paul Goldberger
• A. Conger Goodyear
• A. Whitney Griswold
• Ashbel Green Gulliver
• Charles Harkness
• Edward Harkness
• Robert Maynard Hutchins
• Charles Edward Ives
• Dick Jauron
• William Woolsey Johnson
• Rasheed Khalidi
• Lewis Lehrman
• Christopher Lydon
• Douglas MacArthur II
• Wayne MacVeagh
• Edwin Merritt
• Clark Millikan
• Roger Milliken
• Douglas Moore
• Paul Moore
• Paul Moore Sr
• Jack Morrison
• Rogers C. B. Morton
• Thruston Morton
• Edward John Phelps
• Philip W. Pillsbury
• Ducky Pond
• Benno C. Schmidt Jr
• Kurt Schmoke
• Edmund Clarence Stedman
• Tom Steyer
• William Earl Dodge Stokes
• Sam Wagstaff
• Rusty Wailes
• Arthur Williams Wright
• Doug Wright
• William Wrigley III

Wolf's Head is a secret society at Yale University. Antony Sutton speculates in The Federal Reserve Conspiracy that the three senior societies at Yale (Skull & Bones, Scroll & Key and Wolf's Head) may in fact be closely allied.


Known member

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Robert Hutchins
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