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"“conspiracy theorist”"
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(author, historian, musician)
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BornWashington D.C.
ParentsLloyd S. Millegan
Founder ofTrineDay
Interests • Skull and Bones
• Deep state
• Deep politics
• Conspiracy
• Secret societies
Worked with Anthony Sutton to republish America's Secret Establishment and established TrineDay.
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Kris Millegan is a researcher and publisher. He worked with Anthony Sutton to republish America's Secret Establishment.


Millegan was born to OSS operative Lloyd S. Millegan who enlightened his son about secret societies playing games with the population at a young age. While he had no use for the information at a time when his first child was born, he later became interested in related matters and at one point tried to contact Antony C. Sutton.[1]


When Sutton's America's Secret Establishment[2] was about to go out of print, Millegan had the initiative to organize a reprint of the book, creating the publishing house TrineDay in the process. He is the author of: Fleshing Out Skull & Bones - Investigations into America's Most Powerful Secret Society[3][4]


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