James Boasberg

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Person.png James Boasberg  Rdf-icon.png
Born James Emanuel Boasberg
San Francisco, California
Alma mater Yale University, University of Oxford
Spouse Elizabeth Leslie Manson
"The go-to judge if you don’t want something released to the public"
Allgov write in 2015 that "Boasberg, who was appointed by President Barack Obama, appears to be the go-to judge if you don’t want something released to the public".[1]


Boasberg thwarted an attempt to force the release of the US Senate report on the CIA's torture program.[1]

In 2011, Boasberg blocked a FOIA request for photographic evidence of Ossama Bin Laden's killing,[2] stating "A picture may be worth a thousand words. And perhaps moving pictures bear an even higher value. Yet, in this case, verbal descriptions of the death and burial of Osama Bin Laden will have to suffice, for this Court will not order the release of anything more."[1]
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