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This is a special property [Link]
This is a system defined property used to specify the type of individual properties. Newly defined properties default to property type Page. Even if the property is intended to have type page, it must still be explicitly declared on the relevant property explanation page in order for it to appear in the property type list below.

RDF logic:

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Page nameHas type"Has type" is a predefined property that describes the datatype of a property and is provided by Semantic MediaWiki.
Is stubBoolean
So calledBoolean
Is not stubBoolean
Is draftBoolean
Has titularLogoBoolean
Disappeared onDate
Died onDate
ON died onDate
Modification dateDate
ON occurred onDate
Has publicationDateDate
Has declassificationDateDate
ON startDate
Occurred onDate
ON endDate
Creation dateDate
Born onDate
Has coordinatesGeographic coordinates
Display durationNumber
Has valueNumber
Has durationNumber
Has wikipediaProtectionNumber
Has usageCountNumber
Has revisionSizeNumber
Has averageRatingNumber
Has noRatingsNumber
Has originalLanguageText
Has keyOrderText
Has typeText
Has keyPropertiesText
Has videoCodeText
Has superobjectText
Display lifespanText
Has fullPageNameeText
Has aimText
Display imageText
Query stringText
Has groupStatusText
Has originalTitleText
Has objectClass2Text
Has bilderbergCountText
ON has deathCauseText
ON display dateText
Has documentTypeText
Has fullPageNameText
Has ISBNText
Has conceptTypeText
Has classificationText
Display died onText
Imported fromText
Has cercleCountText
Subcategory ofText
Display dateText
Has sourceTitleText
Has placeTypeText
Has nameText
Display born onText
Has improper value forText
Has targetText
Has image2Text
Has twitterText
Has revisionUserText
Has textText
Has keySortText
Display docTypeText
Has sourceDetailsText
Has captionText
Has summaryText
Has statusText
Has keyPropertyHeadersText
Has wikipediaPage2Text
Has logo2Text
Query formatText
Has redditURL
Has sourceURLURL
Has endoleURL
Has mediumURL
Has modernhistoryprojectURL
Has infogalacticURL
Has wikidataURL
Has spreakerURL
Has kompanyURL
Has wikileaksURL
Has vimeoURL
Has thefullwikiURL
Has wikiquoteURL
Has saiditURL
Has mashpediaURL
Has namebaseURL
Has companieshouseURL
Has companiesintheukURL
Has amazonURL
Has muckrackURL
Has theyworkforyouURL
Has geniURL
Has alchetronURL
Has parlerURL
Has linkedinURL
Has companydirectorcheckURL
Has nndbURL
Has checkcompanyURL
Has videoURL
Has isgpURL
Has muckrockURL
Equivalent URIURL
Has spartacusURL
Has powerbaseURL
Has keywikiURL
Has researchgateURL
Has zoominfoURL
Has websiteURL
Has bitchuteURL
Has companycheckURL
Has youtubeURL
Has ancestryURL
Has historycommonsURL
Has instagramURL
Has everipediaURL
Has cspanURL
Has militaristmonitorURL
Has dbpediaURL
Has vkURL
Has opencorporatesURL
Has mixcloudURL
Has unwelcomeguestsURL
Has bbcwatchURL
Has patreonURL
Has imdbURL
Has crunchbaseURL
Has sourcewatchURL
Has steemitURL
Has famechainURL
Has repositoryURL
Has telegramURL
Has facebookURL
Has prabookURL
Has companieslistURL
Has soundcloudURL
Has wikipediaPageURL
Has jobTitlePage
ON involvesPage
Display atPage
Has postingPage
Has subGroupPage
Has subobjectPage
Display image2Page
Has perpetratorPage
Has childPage
Has producerPage
Has reviewerPage
Has objectClassPage
Has mapPage
Has memberPage
Has deathCausePage
Has leaderPage
Has advisorPage
Has logoPage
In seriesPage
Has eventTypePage
Has criminalConvictionPage
Has parentPage
Sourced fromPage
Has subplacePage
ON has participantPage
ON has aimPage
Source creditPage
Has almaMaterPage
Has default formPage
Victim ofPage
ON has advisorPage
Has parentFullPageNamePage
Has operatorPage
Has plaintiffPage
Has birthPlacePage
Has birthPlaceNowPage
ON has causePage
Is aboutPage
Has killerPage
Has nationalityPage
Has effectPage
Has religionPage
Has participantPage
Has authorPage
Has infoboxPage
ON has sponsorPage
Has depictionPage
Has nominatorPage
Has parentDocumentPage
Has localCopyPage
Has defendantPage
Has deathPlacePage
ON has effectPage
Has subEventPage
Has publisherPage
ON has killerPage
Has causePage
Has rootFullPageNamePage
Subproperty ofPage
Has appointerPage
Has witnessPage
Has superGroupPage
Has recipientPage
Has queryPage
Has founderPage
Has objectTypePage
Has sourceNamePage
Has groupTypePage
Has imagePage
Has sponsorPage
Has interestPage
Has WS pagePage
Has authorityPage
ON constitutesPage
Has headquartersPage
Has deathPlaceNowPage
ON has perpetratorPage
Has spousePage
ON has witnessPage
Has rootGroupPage
Has translatorPage
Has deputyPage
Has plannerPage
Has employerPage