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Status: experimental
This property is used to describe this video's caption.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pages with a cover video.
  • Predicate:  Has caption
  • Object:        Captions (plaintext) (type Text)
    Note: Although operational, this is subject to tidying up. It probably deserves to be generalised to apply to other sorts of pages than just cover videos.

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Page nameHas caption
Kolomoysky on MH17"Sorry about MH17 – but it's a trifle"
IDF-Gaza-Teeshirt.jpg"The most moral army in the world"
The info war for Ukraine... we're fighting for freedom of speech in Russia, not here!
ME-Terror-Guide.jpgA Guide to Middle Eastern 'Terrorist' Groups
A Kiev politicianA Kiev politician - Nice lady eh?
A woman from LuganskA woman from Lugansk East Ukraine
HongKongProtestor.pngAll you need to know about Hong Kong protests
US-Exceptionalism.jpgAmerican Exceptionalism
An Afghan Freedom FighterAn Afghan Freedom Fighter in Donbass
Anthony Lawson on GazaAnthony Lawson on Gaza, Israel & corrupt western Politicians
Ukrainian National Guard atrocitiesAtrocities committed by the US NATO Supported Ukrainian National Guard
BBC Russia MH17 reportBBC (Russia) report on MH17 on 23 July 2014
BackToTheFuture.pngBack to the Future
Bomb or behead.jpgBeheadings - the bleedin' obvious
Berlin-israel-wall.jpgBerlin wall -v- Israeli 'Security Fence'
CameronTerrorQuiz.jpgCameron Master-Mind
Cameron MashCameron's Conservative Party
China and the NWOChina and the New World Order
Solving 911 ends the warChristopher Bollyn 2015 “Solving 911 Ends the War”
ClimateChurch.jpgChurch of Climatology
Re-inventing NATO?CrossTalk: Reinventing NATO?
CrossTalk: The Bear & The DragonCrossTalk: The Bear & The Dragon, with Pepe Escobar
South Africa/Nuclear weapons/1989 Sell OffDavid Cameron's 1989 South African adventure
Deir-yassin.jpgDeir Yassin commemoraion graphic 2015
Dollar-war-dees.jpgDollar war
TuskWailingWall.jpgDonald Tusk fulfilling his obligations
Dependence on russia.jpgEuropean dependance on Russia
OSCE on wreckage damageEvidence of MH17 'machine-gun-fire' damage
Fake empathyFake empathy - the mark of the Sociopath
FalseFlag.jpgFalse Flag
Turkish TrailerFrom Turkish TV drama series
Galloway on ISISGalloway on ISIS & the utter cluelessness of UK MP's
George Galloway VideoGeorge Galloway on his assault by an IDF fanatic
Gilad Atzmon thanks Nick CooperGilad Atzmon thanks Nick Cooper
ScotlandYes.jpgGo for it Scotland!
Israel-911.pngHaaretz cartoon
BombForDemocracy.jpgHere we go again
Ukraine territory historical.jpegHistorical Ukraine territory
Hollande Bonaparte.jpgHistorical amnesia personified
I am become DeathI am become Death, the destroyer of worlds
IDF soldiersIDF soldiers just having fun
IMF-Ethics.jpgIMF Ethics
Number sevenIMF head Christine Lagarde to the NPC on 15 January 2014
US military aid 2014.jpgIsrael gets more US military aid than the other 74 recipient countries combined
Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in The Slave TradeJewish tactics to supress information about Jewish involvement in the slave trade
Humanitarian tragedy in UkraineJuly 2014 - Humanitarian tragedy in Ukraine
Luhansk 18 July 2014Luhansk 18 July 2014. WARNING, horrific images 18+
MH17:The untold storyMH17:The untold story
Marina from LugaskMarina from Lugask, Eastern Ukraine
Heathcote Williams on WWIMy Dad and My Uncle were in World War One
NATO moves closer to RussiaNATO moves closer to Russia and guess who's to blame
No Man's LandNo Man's Land ( Green Fields of France )
The green fields of FranceNo Man's Land (The Green Fields of France)
Obama-Putin3.jpgObama and Putin
Oleg Lyashko gets thumpedOleg Lyashko, the not-so-tough tough-guy
OrwellRight.gifOrwell was only wrong about the date
Hiroshima terrorists.jpgOut of the mouths of babes and sucklings....
Paid-for Zionist propagandaPaid-for Zionist posts, tweets and comments
The worst international crises since the Cuban missiles crisisProfessor Stephen Cohen - This is the worst international crises since the Cuban missiles crisis
Nato-terrorists.jpgProposed revision to NATO logo
UK-Nazi-5Pound.jpgQuantitative easing by a rival
RT Crosstalk 10 September 2014RT Crosstalk 10 September 2014
RT Crosstalk 23 July 2014RT Crosstalk 23 July 2014
Russell Brand - The TrewsRussell Brand - The Trews 29 July 2014
RussiaWantsWar.pngRussia Wants War!
Russian Crimea, One Year LaterRussian Crimea, One Year Later....
Russian Deputy Defense Minister on MH17Russian Deputy Defense Minister on MH17
Babushka to ObamaRussian Granny Appeals To Barack Obama
RussianSanctionsReply.jpgSanctions blow-back. OOPS!!
Blair children.jpgSave the Children Global Legacy Award 2014
Sergei Glazyev on NATO intent to attack RussiaSergei Glazyev warns of US-NATO intent to attack Russia. June 2014
Shock therapy for Ukrainian ArtillerymenShock therapy for Ukrainian Artillerymen
Shut up Conspiracy TheoristShut up Conspiracy Theorist
Obama-Putin2.jpgSpot the Phony
Rupert Sheldrake/TEDx Whitechapel 2015Suppressed TEDx presentation
The Defence IlovayskThe Defence Ilovaysk - August 2014
The Terrorist in ChiefThe Terrorist in Chief
CFR/InfluenceThe US State Department IS the CFR
Two PMs - One speechThe Ventriloquist's Dummies
The absurdity of Dollar hegemonyThe absurdity of Dollar hegemony
Poroshenko1.jpgThe blood-soaked President of Ukraine 2014
Rebel-terrorist.jpgThe differences between a Rebel and a Terrorist
The genocidal hatred of the Israeli mobThe genocidal hatred of the Israeli mob
Ukrainian sacrificeThe hidden Ukrainian army death toll
Moral armyThe most moral army in the world
WaterBucketChallenge.jpgThe other 'Water Bucket Challenge'
EU and the bears oil.jpgThe scary EU gang and their Russian victim
USElectorate.jpgThe soul of the US Electorate
The spirit of the Novorossia MilitiaThe spirit of the Novorossia Militia
Tony-blair-war-criminal.jpgTony Bliar - war criminal
Credo MutwaTruth Should Be Told,Before My Eyes Finally Close In Death
U.S. Prison Guard Remembers Eisenhower's Death CampsU.S. Prison Guard Remembers Eisenhower's Death Camps
Simpsons-UK2015-ElectionResult.jpgUK 2015 general election result
Isis-usa.jpgUS Middle-East Policy
US exceptionalism at the UNUS exceptionalism at the UN - Churkin nails it
Novorossiya messages to EuropeansUkraine: Novorossiya militia members messages to Europeans
Ukraine DemocracyUkraine: The US supported Democracy that won't be shown on mainstream media
Vladivostok airport sign.jpgVladivostok airport - International area
Teft-Party.jpgWestern 'values' that grate on those expected to embrace them
PutinPee.jpgWestern leaders & Putin
Obama red line.jpgWhat a Wally
What has become of the Slavic peopleWhat has become of the Slavic people
Bear and wolf uniteWhen Russian Bear And Germans Wolf Unite, The World Will Change
Russian agression.jpgWhich looks to be the aggressive party here?
White-red-poppy-field.jpgWhite and red poppies
Who is Vladimir PutinWho is Vladimir Putin
Why America needs war in EuropeWhy America needs a major war in Europe
Dnipropetrovsk 2014-10-31Wonders of western democracy
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A Kiev politician - Nice lady eh?  +
A woman from Lugansk East Ukraine  +
An Afghan Freedom Fighter in Donbass  +
Anthony Lawson on Gaza, Israel & corrupt western Politicians  +
BBC (Russia) report on MH17 on 23 July 2014  +
Russian Granny Appeals To Barack Obama  +
Back to the Future  +
When Russian Bear And Germans Wolf Unite, The World Will Change  +
Berlin wall -v- Israeli 'Security Fence'  +
Save the Children Global Legacy Award 2014  +
Beheadings - the bleedin' obvious  +
Here we go again  +
The US State Department IS the CFR  +
Cameron's Conservative Party  +
Cameron Master-Mind  +
China and the New World Order  +
Church of Climatology  +
Truth Should Be Told,Before My Eyes Finally Close In Death  +
CrossTalk: The Bear & The Dragon, with Pepe Escobar  +
Deir Yassin commemoraion graphic 2015  +