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SMW.png This Official Narrative Property describes the "official" story. For alternative ideas, use Property:Has_deathCause.

Status: experimental
This property is used to link deceased people to their cause of death.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames of People
  • Predicate:  ON has deathCause
  • Object:        brief wikitext explanation (type Text)

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Page nameON has deathCause
Michael MeacherA short illness
Léon LambertAIDS
Freddie MercuryAIDS
Roy CohnAIDS
AaliyahAir disaster
Melanie ThorntonAir disaster
Yuri ShchekochikhinAllergy
Edwin CollinsBoating accident
Ray ObomsawinCOVID
Hamed BakayokoCOVID-19
Wayne SmithCOVID-19
Patrick DivedjianCOVID-19
Jerry DanielsCarbon monoxide poisoning
Stephen KaranjaCovid-19
Brittany MurphyDrugs
Idriss DébyGunshot
Gareth Williams (politician)Heart attack
Udo UlfkotteHeart attack
John SmithHeart attack
Lori KlausutisHeart failure
John MagufuliHeart failure
Andrew BreitbartHeart failure
Christian JambertMultiple gunshot suicide
Brian SicknickMurder
Ashli BabbittMurder
Max SpiersNatural causes
Gerald MacGuirePneumonia
Corey HaimPneumonia
Jay FreresStruck by lightning while walking alone officials say
Lisa HowardSuicide
Gunther HashidaSuicide
Mark MinnieSuicide
John McAfeeSuicide
Rey RiveraSuicide
Mohammed Samir FerratTWA Flight 800
Don Craig Wileyaccidentally fell off a bridge
Gianfranco Cicogna Mozzoniair crash
Simon Monjackanemia
Sunny Sheuaneurism
John Carbaughaneurysm
David Carradineautoerotic asphyxiation
John Ashebarbell accident
heart attack
Charles August Lindberghbrain cancer
Patrick Walkercancer
Eva Peróncancer
Mitchell Livingstone WerBell IIIcancer?
heart attack?
Ahmed Dlimicar crash
Drąsius Kedyschoked on the contents of his stomach
Paul Helliwellcollapsed lung
James Arthur Lewisdiving accident
Robert Boulindrowning
drug overdose
Perry Kucinichfall
Steve Bingfell 27 stories to his death
Carl-Fredrik Algernonfell in front of train
Paul Latinushanging
Thomas Bowershanging
Stephen Milliganhanging
Jim McDougalheart attack
David Sánchez Moralesheart attack
Christopher Shaleheart attack
Antonin Scaliaheart attack
Lee R. Penningtonheart attack
Winston Scottheart attack
Desmond FitzGeraldheart attack
Tom Howardheart attack
Thomas Karamessinesheart attack
Allan Francovichheart attack
Francis Sanziriheart attack
Pierre Nkurunzizaheart attack
André Voisinheart attack
Zhao Zhendongheart attack
Sékou Touréheart attack
Graham Perkinheart attack
Patrick Shawheart attack
Peter Salamaheart attack
Daniel Johnson Sr.heart attack
Andy Stewartheart attack
Paul Sauvéheart attack
Stanley Kubrickheart attack
Claro M. Rectoheart attack
Poul Brinkheart attack
Hugh Gaitskellheart condition
kidney failure
lupus erythematosus
Garret Hobartheart disease
Herbert Amryheart failure
Warren Hardingheart problem
Joseph McCarthyhepatitis
Igor Korobovillness
Cyrus Hashemileukemia
Gary Allenliver ailment
David Speddinglung cancer
Michael Collins Pipernatural causes
Paul Tulleynatural causes
David Sassolipneumonia
Yegor Gaidarpulmonary edema
Sonny Bonoskiing accident
Napoleonstomach cancer
Michael Corbinstroke
Maurice Duplessisstroke
Ernest Holloway Oldhamsuicide
Gary Underhillsuicide
William Pawleysuicide
François de Grossouvresuicide
Ola Teigensuicide
Edoardo Agnellisuicide
Jim Traficanttractor accident
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suicide  +
fell in front of train  +
liver ailment  +
heart failure  +
heart attack  +, barbell accident  +
Murder  +
cancer  +, COVID-19  +
fell 27 stories to his death  +
skiing accident  +
drug overdose  +, drowning  +
hanging  +
Heart failure  +
heart attack  +
aneurysm  +
autoerotic asphyxiation  +
Boating accident  +
stroke  +
Carbon monoxide poisoning  +