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Status: experimental
This property is used to store a video's caption.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pages with a cover video.
  • Predicate:  Has videoCode
  • Object:        Youtube videocodes (type Text)
    Note: Although operational, this is subject to tidying up. It may deserves to be generalised to apply to other sorts of pages than just cover videos.

64 Pages use the property "Has videoCode"

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Page nameHas videoCode
Ukrainian sacrifice-uSlFkUwtDk
Cameron Mash0YBumQHPAeU
OSCE on wreckage damage1h6YpRcFk6w
Novorossiya messages to Europeans2EhcZDmhzhg
Shut up Conspiracy Theorist2jyY6rqP_3Q
Heathcote Williams on WWI4xMhNotHeNU
China and the NWO5M1KD7Dnq4s
The Terrorist in Chief6ZTkYPRpXJE
South Africa/Nuclear weapons/1989 Sell Off8Q1EN5_9nIk
Why America needs war in EuropeAUOXgv8k0R4
Humanitarian tragedy in UkraineB7TScRvpwqo
Who is Vladimir PutinESapUYyUwls
Luhansk 18 July 2014F0fHJ-nKHPE
Shock therapy for Ukrainian ArtillerymenFGoAkUSrAOI
Paid-for Zionist propagandaGF_7T-UwP5Q
Russian Crimea, One Year LaterJB8_dJ6Tg90
Rupert Sheldrake/TEDx Whitechapel 2015JKHUaNAxsTg
Solving 911 ends the warKc1lGqIGYSA
The genocidal hatred of the Israeli mobKhaO49ACQGg
NATO moves closer to RussiaLexhW8SCM2c
Babushka to ObamaLw-GHJHLeS4
Dnipropetrovsk 2014-10-31NdV7qALo_v4
Sergei Glazyev on NATO intent to attack RussiaNePChnsuMNs
Kolomoysky on MH17NrfKZUttEwE
Number sevenQYmViPTndxw
Russian Deputy Defense Minister on MH17TRTxKVdV4Jo
Turkish TrailerTnjnJvQXPz4
Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in The Slave TradeUu0vQrZbhQo
The green fields of FranceUxndcaL21DE
Russell Brand - The TrewsV_m98GAdqKM
Fake empathyVgjTj7h-_xM
The Defence IlovayskVh8BDAZjG7k
Oleg Lyashko gets thumpedWHrkNwqirVg
An Afghan Freedom FighterXc2KeSkl5H0
CrossTalk: The Bear & The DragonZBWVIRxTrQk
Moral armyahd9sWnAVJA
Galloway on ISIScVgSAniqfRs
A woman from Luganskdcm3xp2sfxQ
What has become of the Slavic peopledy-LywH7vJ4
Marina from Lugaskf9aBqMbBD6s
RT Crosstalk 10 September 2014gEMjiTgZKyg
Anthony Lawson on GazahSPAm-ZWBAQ
MH17:The untold storyiuoIw3jBV4g
The info war for UkrainejSOfQ7tgTLg
Bear and wolf unitejl8RGLTMosc
Ukrainian National Guard atrocitieskm2WKpJt7aM
The absurdity of Dollar hegemonylCDjObxBRTc
I am become Deathlb13ynu3Iac
Ukraine Democracylh-VhPr1hNg
IDF soldiersmL9mP7d7eDc
No Man's LandmUzQ6Am-bbc
Two PMs - One speechnYfDTsjwE58
Credo Mutwao9gRLv0sA_c
The spirit of the Novorossia MilitiaouiHd48RvJo
US exceptionalism at the UNrEvbW8xOJkI
BBC Russia MH17 reportrVdwUdlswOY
U.S. Prison Guard Remembers Eisenhower's Death Campsv-xHHEKFg1Y
The worst international crises since the Cuban missiles crisisvWzHhW_qNiM
Gilad Atzmon thanks Nick CoopervXAYCp1TrcM
A Kiev politicianw3R3pMtL3eo
Re-inventing NATO?wI8ItLATc54
RT Crosstalk 23 July 2014yy8r9hbeerk
George Galloway VideozrFSG-yUzNs
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