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Status: experimental
This property is used on people who are Wikispooks editors to link them to their user pages.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames of people
  • Predicate:  Has WSuserpage
  • Object:        Pagenames in the User: namespace (type pagename
    The type of this property is invalid
    Note: This should begin "User:" and assigns the page to Category:Wikispooks Users With Pages

10 Pages use the property "Has WSuserpage"

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Page nameHas WSuserpage
Dominik SuterHttps://wikispooks.com/wiki/Dominik.suter
Brazzaville FoundationHttps://wikispooks.com/wiki/User:BVFAssistant
Cynthia McKinneyHttps://wikispooks.com/wiki/User:HQ2600
Howard FredricsHttps://wikispooks.com/wiki/User:Howardfredrics
John AshtonHttps://wikispooks.com/wiki/User:John Ashton
Joël van der ReijdenHttps://wikispooks.com/wiki/User:Jvr
Laurence de MelloHttps://wikispooks.com/wiki/User:Matahari
Patrick HaseldineHttps://wikispooks.com/wiki/User:Patrick Haseldine
Saleyha AhsanHttps://wikispooks.com/wiki/User:Saleyha
Will GalisonHttps://wikispooks.com/wiki/User:Wgalison
Facts about "Has WSuserpage"
DescriptionThis property is used on people who are Wikispooks editors to link them to their user pages. +
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Has fullPageNameProperty:Has WSuserpage +
Has fullPageNameeProperty:Has_WSuserpage +
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Has objectClassProperty +
Has objectClass2Property +
Has revisionSize307 +
Has revisionUserRobin +
Has statusexperimental +
Is not stubtrue +