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Status: stable
This property is attributed to documents to indicate that they are a draft.

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Pagenames in the Document: or File: namespace
  • Predicate:  Is draft
  • Object:        {true, false} (type Boolean)

10 Pages use the property "Is draft"

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Page nameIs draft
File:IPCC AR5 ZODS.ziptrue
Document:Interview with Igor Strelkov - 8 July 2014true
Document:Fifty Years of the Deep Statetrue
Document:Draft agenda for the conference Tackling Tools of Malign Influencetrue
Document:The Institute for Statecraft Expert Team v 3true
Document:Visit of Ukrainian Reserve Officers Drafttrue
Document:Social Media Investigation and Monitoring Proposal - Subject Poisoning of Sergei Skripaltrue
Document:Sergei Skripal Affair: What if Russia is Responsible?true