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Status: experimental
This property is for companycheck URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      companycheck URLs of people or companies
  • Predicate:  Has companycheck
  • Object:        URLs of companycheck pages (type URL)

13 Pages use the property "Has companycheck"

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Page nameHas companycheck
Balli Group Plc
Themistocles Vokos
Bernard Esambert
David Garro Trefgarne
David Trefgarne
Paolo Fresco
John Paleocrassas
Franz Leibenfrost
Robert Zoelly
Graham Avery
Steffen Kragh
Nader Elhamessi
Karl Sevelda
Facts about "Has companycheck"
DescriptionThis property is for companycheck URLs +
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Has fullPageNameProperty:Has companycheck +
Has fullPageNameeProperty:Has_companycheck +
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Has objectClassProperty +
Has objectClass2Property +
Has revisionSize175 +
Has revisionUserRobin +
Has statusexperimental +
Is not stubtrue +
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