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Status: experimental
This property is for prabook URLs

RDF logic:
  • Subject:      Prabook URLs of people, groups or events
  • Predicate:  Has prabook
  • Object:        URLs of prabook pages (type URL)

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Page nameHas prabook
Nelson Dean Jay
Dana Wilgress
Jacques Solvay
Burton Kanter
Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barnuevo
Robert Jeker
Nicola Tufarelli
Constantine Zepos
Krister Ahlstrom
Jean-Bernard Raimond
Gabriele Galateri
Virginio Rognoni
Gian Migone
Erik Hoffmeyer
Poul Svanholm
Helga Steeg
Pierre Jaans
Halvdan Bjørum
Anders Sjaastad
Jakob Kellenberger
Alex Krauer
Karel Vuursteen
Barrie Gane
Mario Schimberni
Arthur Dean
Ines Uusmann
P. J. Kapteyn Jr
Panayotis Lambrias
Siegmar Mosdorf
Alfons Verplaetse
Asa Hutchinson
Asher Ben-Natan
Audrius Butkevičius
Basil Hersov edward.hersov/339184
Donald Duster leon.duster/76567
Ehud Olmert
Élie Barnavi
Eric Moonman moonman.obe/642388
Ezra Harel
Gates McGarrah w.mcgarrah/1043239
Gerard Eskenazi
Gerhard Stoltenberg
Harold Taswell langmead taylor.taswell/1313761
Henry Kissinger
Ross Perot
Hillary Clinton
Jean Bourgknecht
John Raisman
John Taylor Gatto taylor.gatto/655024
John Hickenlooper w.hickenlooper/884207
Gualtherus Kraijenhoff
Feyo Sickinghe feyo onno joost.sickinghe/1398102
Kaspar Cassani v.cassani/1432535
L. Douglas Heck
Lodewijk J. R. de Vink
Louis Cabot wellington.cabot/595926
Luc Vigneron
Marshall Shulman darrow.shulman/1697039
Norman Kirk
Paul Volcker
Peter Ricketts
Peter Dale Scott dale.scott/547242
Peter Sutherland denis.sutherland/699791
Peter Tennant frank dalrymple.tennant/1313845
Peter Cazalet grenville.cazalet/644192
Dick Cheney
Richard Furlaud mortimer.furlaud/647028
Satya Nadella
Victor Halberstadt
Walter Frehner g.frehner/488122
William McLean
C. Wright Mills
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