Rogue Agents

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Publication.png Rogue Agents
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Author(s) David Teacher
Subjects Le Cercle,  Cold war,  EU

Rogue Agents is a book by David Teacher. It is an in-depth scholarly analysis of the objectives, activities and membership of Le Cercle and related secret organisations focused on post-war Europe during the Cold war period from the early 1950's to 1991. Originally intended for publication in the early 1990's but postponed for a mix of reasons connected with the sensitivity of its contents, it has undergone 4 major revisions. It was first made available publicly following the author's contact with Joël van der Reijden of ISGP in 2010. Revisions 3 and four are available on Wikispooks.

Files available on Wikispooks:

  • Third Edition. This edition includes an annex containg scans of many original documents. Most are unique to this publication and essential reading for the serious student. The scans increase the file size considerably.
  • Fourth edition. This is the latest and final edition, completed in December 2015. It does NOT include the documents scans