October 1980

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Publication dateDecember 24, 2013
Author(s)George Cave
SubjectsOctober Surprise
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October 1980 is a 2013 self-published novel by George Cave about the October Surprise.

In a 2016 interview of Duane Clarridge, Newsweek reported:

"It's a novel, but it's really not a novel," Clarridge explained. The exact date of the hostage release, Clarridge claimed, was set by infamous Iran-Contra middleman Manucher Ghorbanifar, who Clarridge claims had "big bets in Las Vegas—big, big—millions" tied to the outcome of the U.S. presidential election. "What George tells you is the real story," he said, whispering. "The whole novel is really true." (I wasn't able to reach Ghorbanifar for comment. But in a recent interview, Cave told me that he didn't believe Reagan officials plotted to delay the hostage release, but the part about the Iranian businessman was likely true. "Ghorbanifar liked to spend time in Las Vegas," Cave says. "Knowing what he knew, I can't believe he didn't have some bets.")

Unlike other books published by former CIA agents, Cave's novel does not contain the usual publication review disclaimer. The novel is also notable for its very sympathetic portrayal of Persian culture. The book also has important revelations about the CIA's involvement in Iran in the 1950's as well as Operation Eagle Claw. The account of the October Surprise given in the novel also corresponds to statements by Barack Obama Soetoro an extended 2016 article in the Atlantic, "The Obama Doctrine." Covert California has stated the Novel should be considered as a primary source document by historians.




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