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(pilot, author, 9-11/Premature death, 9-11/Dissident, CIA/Drug trafficking/Premature death)
Philip Marshall.jpg
Philip Marshall with his children. All three were later murdered.
Died 2 February 2013
Cause of death
Spouse Ann Kallauner
Victim of murder
Interests 9-11
A CIA pilot who published three popular and insightful books on 9-11. He was found shot dead with his children.

Philip Marshall was a CIA-connected pilot who flew for Barry Seal as part of "Iran-Contra". He published three popular and insightful books on 9-11. He was about to publish a work of fiction entitled Lakefront Airport when on 2 February 2013 he was found shot dead, along with his children and dog.

“As a former operative in this group’s notorious covert missions, including Iran-Contra and the sting of Pablo Escobar, I recognized that this smoke rising over Manhattan might add a major piece to my large jigsaw puzzle of evidence.”
Philip Marshall - [1]

Official narrative

Marshall was a "conspiracy theorist"[2] who had had a "messy split"[3] from his wife, was under pressure and committed suicide, murdering his children. He has no page on Wikipedia.

Alternative explanations

Various commentators, including Kevin Barrett[4] and Wayne Madsen[5][6] have suggested that he was murdered because he was exposing details of illegal activities by the cabal.[7]


Philip Marshall learned to fly at age 15 from his father.[5] He became a CIA-connected pilot who flew for Barry Seal[8] took part in and a DEA sting operation against Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.[9]

A recommended video by Press TV which was adapted by the radio show, Unwelcome Guests


Even before 9/11, Marshall is reported to have had “a sick feeling that America was in deep trouble, that a group, this new Bush Administration, just like the old Bush Administration, was an incredibly dangerous, brazen bunch of well-connected, well-educated ideologists. They were on a power trip similar to others in world history, but as far as I knew this was the first attempt by what our founders had labeled domestic enemies to overthrow the Constitution and place America under their own absolute power.”[5]


  • 29 July 2008 - False Flag 911: How Bush, Cheney and the Saudis Created the Post-911 World
  • 9 February 2012 - The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror, used copies retailing at over $100 on Amazon.
  • August 2013 (Posthumous) - Lakefront Airport, nominally a work of fiction, which as of March 2017 was retailing at $700 on Amazon. One reviewer observed that "The names are fictional but you can easily tell who the REAL PERSONS ARE. This book will turn your mind around as to how the Government really runs... If you can find a copy of this book READ IT!" another that "It seems to be more autobiographical than the author had admitted."[10]



Marshall was found shot dead, along with his children, and this was presented as a murder/suicide.[7][5]

Journalist Chris Bollyn suggests that Philip Marshall was killed because of his inside knowledge of drug trafficking by the Mossad, the Bush Family and the Clinton Family, and that these groups effectively took over the Medellin Cartel. Bollyn observes that as of March 2016, paperback copies of Philip Marshall's last book, Lakefront Airport were selling for over $500 each, that it closely re-tells the author's own experience, and that Marshall was planning a fourth book when he was killed.[8]

Wayne Madsen spent a week at the scene investigating and stated that it was an assassination motivated either by revenge for Marshall's disclosures about 9/11 or concern to prevent more such revelations.[11]