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TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
Address by Igor Strelkov 11 September 2014address2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war
The Great Game
11 September 2014Igor StrelkovIgor Strelkov breaks his silence: A brutally honest, MUSt-READ address by the former commander of the NAF, about Russia, the civil war and the influence of traitorous elements of the Russian establishment in betraying the Novorussian rebellion
Interview with Donbas militia-man Arteminterview transcript2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war23 August 2014Victor ShapinovInterview with a wounded and hospitalised Donbas militia-man conducted in August 2014
Interview with Donetsk militia-maninterview transcript2014 Ukraine coup/Civil war18 August 2014Ilja DegtjarovInterview with a native Donetsk militia-man fighting against the Ukrainian army in Eastern Ukraine + video of captured Ukrainian soldier. More organ trafficking corroboration
The New Round of Sanctions – The Pre-War PeriodarticleThe Great Game
13 September 2014El MuridA perceptive and informed analysis of the developing Anglo-US-NATO cold-war on Russia in light of the latest round of sanctions which came into effect on 12 September 2014


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