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Anyway, what is 'the dirt' on him? :) Terje (talk)---

Short answer; look below, long answer where he seems to fit in;

"Personal friends" (I'll call him Alex as that is that his mother called him)

  • Alex is pictured in 1991 with the personal "house-lawyer" of Klaas Bruinsma; John Engelsma in New York in 1992, the same place Prince Claus was rumoured to have visited gay-bars btw. This lawyer was also alleged to work for the whole Bruinsma gang before and after Bruinsma died; the same gang that executed very precise thefts of the hidden Dutch Gladio weapon depots that the MiVD covered up. Other members on the picture were Charles Geerts (who worked with and bailed out US-convicted satanic child porn kingpins), and Etienne Urka. Urka was a later rival of Johan Verhoek, who had many police officers in his back pocket. Urka turned police informant, and even tipped off a plan to kidnap Juliana, he was never convicted.
  • Klaas Bruinsma's old rival and new main drug boss of the 1990s (Johan Verhoek) had a lawyer: Oscar Hammerstein. Alex was reported to be hanging out publicly with him up to 1999. Hammerstein was also alleged to be working for the Italian mafia. Hammerstein was indicted for money laundering for Verhoek in 1994 (a set-up by a future minister he claims). The minister who indicted Hammerstein made this deal as well: (EDIT: Fun fact, one of the lawyers that won the curfew vs dutch state case was indicted in this case as well, small world right). Hammerstein was also a friend of Alex his godfather Frits Salomonsen, a personal lawyer of the royal family who was accused of child abuse and a "sex-torture chamber" in the center of Amsterdam by neighbors, a magazine, and a prostitute. Salomonsen was also a member of the board of caretakers of Alex in case Beatrix died before his 18th birthday. Hammerstein lived next to the mayor of Amsterdam who lived 10 minutes from Salomonsen... and a predecessor of that mayor named Ed van Thijn was accused of a sex ring with Prince Claus.... yeah.... so moving on.

His wife

  • His wife Maxima is the daughter of a vital coordinator (Jorge Zorreguieta) in the 1976 Argentine Coup. After the marriage was accepted, parliament and the public wanted her father banned from ever coming here starting with the wedding. Multiple people filed police reports against him. Queen Beatrix her secretaries even wrote personal intimidating letters to at least one of these men. When a book was released about this period and coup-head Jorge Videla, Videla wrote a letter to the writers, who forwarded it to the Dutch NRC where he admitted Maxima's father was a coordinator of the coup. Alex said "the interviews in this book have never taken place and the letter proves it!" and also said the letter was from a "trustworthy source" but couldn't name the source, repeating this to the NOS. Videla signed the letter himself. Wim Kok criticized Alex publicly which was highly unusual as they enjoy sovereign immunity by the constitution and started a secret investigation into Maxima's father with a prof. from the Uni of Amsterdam. Alex his reputation was so damaged Kok asked old Gladio boss Max van der Stoel to ask Maxima's parents to not come to the wedding and future events. Maxima btw was quoted saying sorry for her father's actions but also "he had the best intentions and I believe in him".

  • Nowadays

He sits in a secret council called the "Club of The Hague", an advisory council of "The Hague Process on Refugees and immigration" with a lot of Bilderbergers and spooks and alleged child abusers including Étienne Davignon, Peter Sutherland, Ruud Lubbers, Jozias van Aartsen, Jacques Delors, Dutch members of the World Bank, Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Joris Demmink and chairman & RAND Europe-member Prince Constantijn.

To summarize before this gets longer than the page itself: He's a small pin who just maintains the dirty business contacts of his family as pictured here. Do not use this picture on the site. It's Joël's. Jun (talk) Royal family Orange mafia child abuse ties.gif

New viral docu

user:Terje, just putting this out there in case you want to work on this page one time, this is trending this week on TV and Dutch YT; a documentary on public TV how he keeps embezzling millions of the taxpayers money for his own private hunting grounds (and other property), breaks the law by doing it as he should only be able to receive the funds when making those grounds publicly accessible. The new twist here is that Rutte seemingly pressures everyone to conceal, cover up and just refuse to hand out documents confirming this, another chapter in his "doctrine".


user:terje, will you explain why you changed the header "racism/fascism"?" Jun (talk)

That is a strange one! All I did was change the brackets on the Club of The Hague, and have no idea why that heading has been changed!?

Terje (talk) 08:41, 12 September 2023 (UTC)