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Event.png TWA Flight 800 (flight,  air disaster,  assassination?,  mid-level deep event?) Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
DateJuly 17, 1996
LocationMoriches Inlet,  Long Island,  New York
Exposed byHenry F. Hughes
Interest ofJames Kallstrom
DescriptionAn extremely suspicious air crash, which occurred simultaneously with a live fire exercise being carried out by the US Navy.

TWA Flight 800 was destroyed in July 1996 in a fireball just out of New York. The most expensive NTSB investigation in US history concluded on 23 August 2000 that it exploded due to an internal failure of the plane, so that over 250 eyewitnesses who reported seeing something like a missile were mistaken.[1] Among the 230 dead was Mohammed Samir Ferrat, a businessman who had accompanied the US Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown (who himself died in a suspicious plane crash that April) on a trade mission to Ivory Coast earlier in the year.

Official narrative

TWA Flight 800 spontaneously exploded, probably caused by a random spark igniting one of the gas tanks. All the eyewitnesses who spoke of a missile were mistaken due to an optical illusion. The CIA produced a video explaining how this might look, adding an explanatory message in large text: “There Was No Missile.”[2]

Initial reports

Over 250 people said they saw something streaking toward the plane and then an explosion[2][3][4]. Many believed that the cause of the crash was a surface-to-air missile attack.[5][6][7]

A video about TWA 800 by Jack Cashill
A redacted FBI witness statement.

Ron Unz writes that a home video of a missile striking and destroying TWA 800, was sold for more than $50,000 and briefly broadcast on the MSNBC cable news channel before reportedly being seized as evidence by FBI agents.[2]

Cover up

Violations of S.O.P.

WhatReallyHappened reported that the US Navy "kicked out the New York Police Department divers, who had legal jurisdiction in the area", and sent its own deep salvage vessels to the area, and searched as wide as searched out 20 miles to either side of the known debris field. Information was leaked by the FBI and the US Navy which implied that there was an object of extreme biological danger aboard Flight 800, one which posed a serious risk to anyone who picked it up. Although later retracted, the story, coupled with reports of bio-suited soldiers along the beaches of Long Island, created the impression that the FBI and NTSB did not want anyone looking too closely at any of the wreckage.[8]

Press Conference

The film Shadows of Liberty includes footage of an early FBI press conference about the fate of TWA Flight 800 at which an activist asked "Why is the navy involved in the recovery when they are a suspect?" By way of answer, the chairman James Kallstrom just pointed at him and declared "Remove him!" and he was summarily manhandled out of the room by 4 or 5 suited men. The commercially-controlled media 'journalists' continued with their set questions as if nothing had happened. AP has uploaded archival footage of that event to Youtube. [9]

NTSB "investigation"

Many witnesses claim to have seen a bright flash streak upwards to the plane just before the explosion. They were not allowed to testify.[1]

Many eye-witnesses claimed they had seen a streak of fire heading towards the plane before it crashed[1] and the initial NTSB investigation concluded that the cause was most likely criminal, so it passed control to the FBI, since the NTSB does not investigate criminal cases.[10] In the case of TWA 800, the FBI initiated a parallel criminal investigation alongside the NTSB's accident investigation.[11]

Henry F. Hughes spoke of "unprecedented interference" in the investigation by other agencies.[12]

The four-year NTSB investigation concluded on August 23, 2000, ending the most expensive air disaster investigation in United States history. It concluded that the crash was caused by a gas tank explosion.[1]


The Associated Retired Aviation Professionals was set up in early 1997[By whom?]. Members include former military, civilian, and aviation professionals who are "committed to independently investigating the mysterious crash of TWA Flight 800". Their website, although dated, contains some pages of evidence and links and was online as of 2017.[13]

The wreckage is permanently stored in a custom-built NTSB facility in Ashburn, Virginia. The reconstructed aircraft is used to train accident investigators.[14][15]

Failure to tighten standards

Pilot, accident investigator and author Rodney Stich (who published a book critical of the TWA800 official narrative) notes that safety regulations as regards fuel tanks were not tightened as a result of the event, "providing further support to the fact that no one, including the aircraft manufacturer, believes that a spark was involved".[16]

Boeing's difference of opinion

As evidence of Boeing's position, Rodney Stich quotes a December 9, 1999 The Seattle Times article that "The Boeing Co. said this week that the lack of evidence as to what sparked the blast that downed TWA Flight 800 three years ago points to an "external source," such as a bomb or missile. Boeing's statement in court documents Tuesday is the strongest to date revealing an aggressive legal defense that blames the 747 crash on a bomb or missile—which the FBI and National Transportation Safety Board long ago ruled out."[17]


  • Mohammed Samir Ferrat, a millionaire businessman who had accompanied US Commerce Secretary, Ron Brown on a 1996 trade mission to Ivory Coast, and according to some reports had also been scheduled to accompany him to Bosnia, where Brown was died after the Croatia USAF CT-43 crash.[18]

    “Police are investigating the possibility that insurance fraud by a Swiss resident listed among the 230 people killed in the TWA Flight 800 explosion might have been behind the disaster, Swiss television reported last night. Swiss authorities have been investigating Algerian-born Mohammed Samir Ferrat, for 18 months, the report said... A Geneva lawyer, Gerald Page, alleged in an interview for the Swiss television report that Ferrat took out life insurance policies worth several million Swiss francs in the weeks before the plane crashed in July 1996, half an hour after taking off from New York... On August 19, a month after the crash, the local medical examiner in Suffolk County - in whose jurisdiction the disaster occurred - declared that Mohammed Ferrat had been positively identified as a dead passenger from TWA Flight 800. US investigators counted him out as a suspect early... The report showed footage of the late US commerce secretary, Ron Brown, at the Washington signing with Ferrat of a pounds 62.5 million contract between Sofin and the US construction firm Chatwick Inc, which was to build residences in the Ivory Coast.”
     (27 May 1998)  [19]

Other TWA 800 passengers included:[20]

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