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Robin Upton explains Wikipedia+ at 28C3, 2011-12-29
Ever fancy quick access to alternative viewpoints? Let Wikipedia+ suggest them for you

Wikipedia+ is a tool for Wikipedia users unhappy with only a single narrative. It is a Mozilla approved open source browser extension to augment your Wikipedia experience. It notes where you're browsing and silently checks the alternative websites you have chosen to see if they contain matching information. If so, Wikipedia+ pops up a notification containing links to the matching pages, so alternative points of view are only one click away.


Wikipedia is in one sense a victim of its own success; it has effectively become a mainstream media source, and as such it shares a well-established bias. A wealthy few use their control of mainstream media to systematically exclude certain opinions. This lack of publication in what Wikipedia refers to as 'reliable sources' in turn provides justification for their exclusion from Wikipedia, nullifying its potential as an independent voice. Wikipedia+ allows you to avoid this censorship by choosing to supplement your Wikipedia experience with automatic cross-references to sites you judge to be of interest (e.g. Wikispooks).

Technical Aspects

Wikipedia+ in the status bar in the bottom right
  • Wikipedia+ requires Mozilla Firefox, version 4 or above.
  • The latest version is available here.
  • By default, it is configured for Wikispooks users
  • When browsing Wikipedia, a notification bar will appear from time to time with links to Wikispooks or other sites of interest

* The add-on is not available for modern browsers, only old versions of Firefox

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