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Person.png Peter Mandelson  Rdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
(deep state operative?, propagandist)
Peter Mandelson.jpg
BornPeter Benjamin Mandelson
Hampstead Garden, United Kingdom
Alma materSt Catherine's College (Oxford)
Member ofBritish-American Project, Ditchley/Governors, Ditchley/UK, Franco-British Colloque, Jeffrey Epstein/Black book, Trilateral Commission
Supranational deep state operative. Bilderberg, TLC, Ditchley etc.

Employment.png First Secretary of State Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
5 June 2009 - 11 May 2010
Succeeded byWilliam Hague

Employment.png Lord President of the Council

In office
5 June 2009 - 11 May 2010
Preceded byJanet Royall
Succeeded byNick Clegg

Employment.png European Commissioner for Trade Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
22 November 2004 - 3 October 2008
Preceded byPascal Lamy
Succeeded byCatherine Ashton

Employment.png Secretary of State for Northern Ireland Wikipedia-icon.png

In office
11 October 1999 - 24 January 2001
Preceded byMo Mowlam
Succeeded byJohn Reid

Employment.png Secretary of State for Trade and Industry link=, _Energy_and_Industrial_Strategy

In office
27 July 1998 - 23 December 1998
Preceded byMargaret Beckett
Succeeded byStephen Byers

Employment.png UK/Minister without Portfolio

In office
2 May 1997 - 27 July 1998

Employment.png Member of Parliament for Hartlepool

In office
9 April 1992 - 8 September 2004
Succeeded byIain Wright

Peter Mandelson, is an SDS DSO.


Tony Gosling reports that after he quit the BBC, he heard reports that if the commercially-controlled media had published story which had displeased his masters, Peter Mandelson phoned up to demand that such slip ups not occur again.[1]


Peter Mandelson's name appears in Jeffrey Epstein's Black book.


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/19993 June 19996 June 1999Portugal
The 47th Bilderberg, 111 participants
Bilderberg/20085 June 20088 June 2008US
The 56th Bilderberg, Chantilly, Virginia, 139 guests
Bilderberg/200914 May 200917 May 2009Greece
The 57th Bilderberg
Bilderberg/20119 June 201112 June 2011Switzerland
Hotel Suvretta
St. Moritz
59th meeting, in Switzerland, 129 guests
Bilderberg/201231 May 20123 June 2012US
The 58th Bilderberg, in Chantilly, Virginia. Unusually just 4 years after an earlier Bilderberg meeting there.
Bilderberg/20136 June 20139 June 2013Watford
The 2013 Bilderberg group meeting.
Bilderberg/201429 May 20141 June 2014Denmark
Marriott Hotel
The 62nd Bilderberg, with 136 guests, held in Copenhagen
Brussels Forum/2006Belgium
Yearly discreet get-together of huge amount of transatlantic politicians, media and military and corporations, under the auspices of the CIA and NATO-close German Marshall Fund.
Brussels Forum/201723 March 201725 March 2017Belgium
Yearly discreet get-together of huge amount of transatlantic politicians, media and military and corporations, under the auspices of the CIA-close German Marshall Fund. The overarching theme was "‘End of Complacency – Era of Action?"
Brussels Forum/20188 March 201810 March 2018Belgium
Annual 3 day spooky get-together of transatlantic politicians, media and military and corporations, under the auspices of the CIA and German Marshall Fund. Discussed the "Fight for Economic Equality".
WEF/Annual Meeting/200625 January 200629 January 2006SwitzerlandBoth former US president Bill Clinton and Bill Gates pushed for public-private partnerships. Only a few of the over 2000 participants are known.
WEF/Annual Meeting/200724 January 200728 January 2007World Economic Forum
Only the 449 public figures listed of ~2200 participants
WEF/Annual Meeting/200823 January 200827 January 2008SwitzerlandAt the 2008 summit, Klaus Schwab called for a coordinated approach, where different 'stakeholders' collaborate across geographical, industrial, political and cultural boundaries."
WEF/Annual Meeting/200923 January 200927 January 2009World Economic Forum
Chairman Klaus Schwab outlined five objectives driving the Forum’s efforts to shape the global agenda, including letting the banks that caused the 2008 economic crisis keep writing the rules, the climate change agenda, over-national government structures, taking control over businesses with the stakeholder agenda, and a "new charter for the global economic order".
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