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Employment.png Amsterdam/Mayor

Mayor of Amsterdam

The Mayor of Amsterdam is assigned by a process that includes multiple national governmental departments, and is not elected, with only the national government having a veto.


Ed van Thijn was accused of organising and visiting boy sex rings in the red light district of the city and raping at least one boy in a 2018 court case.[1]

Femke Halsema ran strong a strong Covid-lockdown campaign, but allowed 10000s of people to demonstrate in front of the royal palace for BLM protests.

Amsterdam mayor criticised for not intervening in protests - Euronews


Office Holders on Wikispooks

Kajsa Ollongren18 September 201726 October 2017Acting
Schelto Patijn1 June 19941 January 2001
Frank de Grave18 January 19941 June 1994Acting
Ed van Thijn19831994
Ivo Samkalden1 August 19671 June 1977
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