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Concept.png Airline 
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Companies that provide service to move people and freight through the air! And drugs, and war criminals, and diseases.

An airline is a company that transports passengers and/or freight through the sky. Not all airlines move passengers (some are fronts like Victor Bout companies or the suspicious Western Global Airlines) for drugs and some move people forcefully through extraordinary rendition. Some are only freight and some only do through "code-share agreements", in which they offer both services.[1]


The first airlines was the German airship company DELAG in 1909. The four oldest airlines that still exist are the Netherlands' KLM, Colombia's Avianca, Australia's Qantas Airlines and the Mexican Mexicana de Aviación.[2]


Ownership has gradually switched from governments to private organisations, after an increased rise in capitalism and privatisation, which started after the 1980s.[3] Some airlines that are still owned by their national government, do become the face of sanctions, such as Russian ones during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine or due to not-well understood deep events such as Ryanair Flight 4978 in Belarus. Others were banned in some regions due to multiple air crashes revealing no or very little proper maintenance.[4]

National airlines are used by intelligence agencies to move people, contraband and other sensitive cargoes. Just at the start of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in 1990, the British military used its connections in British Airways to move special forces into Kuwait. The result was that the other over 300 passengers became detained by Iraq for several months, on British Airways Flight 149. French spies routinely bugged first-class passengers flying with Air France – including Concorde passengers – back in the 1990s.[5]


How Airlines Quietly Became Banks - Wendover Productions

Since the 2010s airlines make more money from mileage programs than from flying planes. Airlines receive nearly 60% of their revenue from passengers directly (the other 40% comes from selling frequent flyer miles to credit card companies and other travel partners like hotels and car rental agencies). Business travellers make up ~12% of airline passengers, but they pay higher rates than other customers and are typically twice as lucrative, accounting for 75% of profits, fuelling a culture where important businessman and their possibly criminal intent to travel may be stimulated by their worth to the airlines.[6]

Assassination by air crash

The CIA is widely suspected of carrying out assassinations by (small) plane crash, for example in the case of the 1980 Camarate air crash, where a trail leads straight to the CIA. Wayne Madsen claimed that in 1990 the FBI bombed the plane of Gary Caradori to shut down exposure of the Franklin child prostitution ring.

This method, like that of the "suicide bomber" can be relied upon to destroy a lot of evidence about the identity of the perpetrators. Manipulation of circumstances (or just the historical record) can provide for more assistance to build an official narrative about bad weather/pilot error etc. Control of the investigation process (in the first instance in the USA by the NTSB) is invaluable in covering up non-accidental crashes, allowing them to be used as covert assassination tools with a high degree of plausible deniability.


Accidents do happen, both in the air and on roads. Sometimes these will affect people of interest to the deep state.


Air-crashes, are effective as murder weapons, and the technology exists to reliably destroy aircraft when certain persons of interest are known to be aboard. Anyone who doubts that the CIA would go be so irresponsible as to assist in the destruction of aircraft is referred to the Arms for Libya page, which details how the CIA first denied selling 20 tons of plastic explosive together with arranging training of Gaddafi's military by US Green Berets.

Air accidents are investigated by Transport accident investigators, agencies often with a vested interest in covering up the real cause of events, or trusty tools of the deep state.

Deep state privatisation

Starting during the Cold war many airlines have been utilised by deep state factions and groups by compartmentalising their ownership. The 2006 Mexico DC-9 drug bust happened on April 10 to a DC-9, which was not fit to fly, en route from from Venezuela to USA. After an engine failure it made an emergency landing in Mexico, where it was discovered to contain over 5 tonnes of cocaine. Michael Braun, Chief of Operations of the DEA testified to the US Congress that 5.6 tonnes of cocaine were found aboard the plane. The co-pilot was arrested, but the pilot was not. Daniel Hopsicker dubbed it "Cocaine 1" in reference to the cargo and the fact that it was painted to impersonate a US government plane.[7]

The 2007 Yucatan Gulfstream drug crash another plane called was found in Mexico to be carrying tonnes of the drug after a heavy crash. The plane changed hands multiple times before being used to smuggle cocaine to the US from South America. It also had interlocking owners and shared a base in St. Petersburg, Florida.[8] The paper trail suggests that after being owned by Air Rutter International for nearly a decade, it changed hands at two or three times in the weeks leading up to the crash.[9] At the time of the crash, the business jet was registered to Donna Blue Aircraft Inc, which had acquired it using money from the trust of the company Powell Aircraft.[10][11]

Notable bans

Israeli airline El Al - known to also fly military supplies with cargo planes for Israeli intelligence - has received criticism for their poor state of the aircraft, which is quite strange for a company with the urge to install anti-missile defence systems. In 2006, Swiss and German companies started a boycott of the airline because of the objection and danger in "shooting flares over European airspace" as part of its planes defence system.[12]

The European Civil Aviation Authority even threatened to blacklist the airline in 2009.[13][14] The company does not fly to Africa (except South Africa), every Latino country south of the US, except the Department of French Guiana, Japan, both parts of Korea, Australia and New Zealand. El Al blamed Saudi Arabia for not allowing them for using Saudi airspace.[15]

Notable airlines

The US Government's Airline for Prisoners - Half as Interesting

The Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System or JPATS supports the Federal Judiciary by effectively transporting prisoners who are in the custody of federal law enforcement agencies. JPATS also provides international flights to remove deportable aliens.[16]

Airlines provide a great cover as there is no direct way to investigate who or what is actually flying on the plane when it's up, especially compared to stopping a car or train. Air America flew diplomats, spooks, refugees, commandos and their assassination squads, doctors, war casualties, drug enforcement officers, and even Richard Nixon all over Southeast Asia. Part of the CIA's support operations in Laos involved logistical support for Hmong militia fighting the North Vietnamese forces. Thousands of tons of food was also flown in, including chickens, pigs, water buffalo, and cattle. On top of the food drops came the logistical demands for the war itself, and Air America pilots also started arms smuggling.[17]

On the other side airlines provided easy ways for migrate to another country by hijacking. The US once had more than 130 hijackings in 4 years in the cold war.[18]


During the Covid-19 pandemic, US airlines received over $90 billion in bailouts, and still cut over 60000 workers from their staff.[19][20][21]



Page nameDescription
Air AmericaA CIA front company
British AirwaysThe flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom
British South American AirwaysA nationalised airline that existed in the 1940s that ceased operations after two mysterious aircraft disappearances
El AlAn airliner flying from Central Israel, with several prolific incidents and covert operations ordered by the Deep State.
Silk Way Airlines
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