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HeadquartersWashington D.C.
A CIA front company

Air America was a CIA front. It was used for drug trafficking in the Vietnam War and surrounding countries.


Official Narrative

Wikipedia argues how much the pilots knew of the CIA Drug trafficking.[1]

Embarrassing CIA Operation That Took Advantage of American Citizens - The InfoGraphics Show


Civil Air Transport was created by Claire Chennault and Whiting Willauer in 1946 as Chinese National Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (CNRRA) Air Transport to airlift supplies and food into war-ravaged China. It was changed to "Air America" in 1959 when the CIA bought the company. Air America was until - officially - 1976 making covert drops throughout Asia supplying covert operations in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War, Chinese Cultural Revolution, including providing support for drug smuggling in Laos, officially, if it happened, on accident.[2]


Air America flew diplomats, spooks, refugees, commandos and their assassination squads, doctors, war casualties, drug enforcement officers, and even Richard Nixon all over Southeast Asia. Part of the CIA's support operations in Laos involved logistical support for Hmong militia fighting the North Vietnamese forces. Thousands of tons of food was also flown in, including chickens, pigs, water buffalo, and cattle. On top of the food drops came the logistical demands for the war itself, and Air America pilots also started arms smuggling.[3]

Air America were alleged to have profited from transporting opium and heroin on behalf of Hmong leader Vang Pao.[4]

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