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(Author, Researcher, Filmmaker, Statecraft/Analyst)
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Born11. August 1959
Interests • dual state
• deep state
• Wikipedia/Problems
Deep state researcher and film maker

Dirk Pohlmann is a German journalist and documentary film maker. His work has covered many deep state activities, including the Secret war against Sweden and how spooks have infiltrated Wikipedia and control the editing of deep political subjects


The Dirk Pohlmann Show (in English)


A Quote by Dirk Pohlmann

'Feliks'“Wikipedia is not just what it appears to be. It is more than a lexicon. It is also a bogus encyclopedia, a small but effective opinion manipulation machine. In certain areas, the encyclopedia becomes a pseudo-encyclopedia and has for years been dominated by a small group consisting of approx. 200 people. The only thing remaining is something that looks like a reference book, but is in the hands of dogmatists and people who write in Wikipedia non-stop, but have no qualifications in the areas they write about.”24 December 2018


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