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German researcher into Wikipedia and who is influencing it.

Markus Fiedler is a German biology graduate who worked full-time as a biology and music teacher at the Waldorf School in Oldenburg until 2021.


In 2015 he released the documentary "Die dunkle Seite der Wikipedia" (The Dark Side of Wikipedia), about conspiratorial and lobbyist machinations in the German-language version. In his research, he found that small user groups have infiltrated the German-language Wikipedia and turned it into a propaganda platform. Wikipedia, he concludes, has become an opinion machine and is mercilessly abused as such. The sequel to the documentary "Censorship - the organized manipulation of Wikipedia and other media" followed in 2017.[1]


A Quote by Markus Fiedler

'Feliks'“Wikipedia is not just what it appears to be. It is more than a lexicon. It is also a bogus encyclopedia, a small but effective opinion manipulation machine. In certain areas, the encyclopedia becomes a pseudo-encyclopedia and has for years been dominated by a small group consisting of approx. 200 people. The only thing remaining is something that looks like a reference book, but is in the hands of dogmatists and people who write in Wikipedia non-stop, but have no qualifications in the areas they write about.”24 December 2018
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