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(spook, propagandist)
NationalityGerman, Israeli
Interests • Wikipedia
• Psiram
• Daniele Ganser
very busy Wikipedia (German edition) editor that was exposed as an German and Israeli reserve officer

Feliks, born Jörg Egerer, as an adult changed to Jörg Matthias Claudius Grünewald, is an editor of the German edition of Wikipedia[1], who was exposed for his systematic defaming of people going against the established narrative.


Jörg Egerer was born in Bavaria, took a juridical degree, and served in the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) as a lieutenant in the reserve. His connection to the army is proven at least until year 2015. After changing religion and last name, he was also active in the Israeli armed forces for a limited time, as a member of the Sar-El volunteer unit, in addition to his Bundeswehr activities.

He is active in the German Left Party and was treasurer in a local branch there. According to internal reports by the party, there were irregularities with donation receipts, which was investigated after his resignation.[2]

The self-chosen alias "Feliks" refers to the founder and first director of the Soviet secret service Cheka/GPU, Feliks Dzerzhinsky.

Wikipedia editing

Similar to the British Philip Cross, Feliks edited several thousand entries, while using his unassailable position as editor to make sure no counter-narratives could get in.

The targets for his editing were in large part critics of the United States, NATO,and Israel, and events that deal with these subjects. For example, his Wikipedia editing of the Israeli prison Camp 1391 removed any mention of torture.

Professor Daniele Ganser, with his seminal work on the Gladio-network was heavily edited, especially after his work on WTC7.

Another target was opposing factions in the Left Party, where his party opponents got mercilessly edited in Wikipedia with no recourse and no way of changing the entry. He edited about 50 cases, where he discredited about a dozen of the party members, through association with "anti-Semitism" and other career-ending descriptions. Others he gave glowing reviews, depending on the party member's view Israeli politics.[3]

When his victims complained to Wikipedia, they found there were no way to change it. Any attempts were ruthlessly re-edited and the editors banned from Wikipedia, some for life. The complainers found there were no ways to appeal this to other instances in the Wikipedia system. Also, there was even no legal recourse against it - they were not able to sue Feliks under German law for defamation, since he couldn't be identified.

Favorite labels added were conspiracy theorist and right-wing extremism (criticism of US/NATO); antisemitism (criticism of hard-line Israeli interests) etc.

Part of larger networks?

Feliks frequently collaborate with a larger number of editors dealing with the same subjects, many with connections to a net portal called Ruhrbarone, Psiram and the so-called "Anti-Deutsche", a sectarian left-wing group. Having a nominal political hard left view, they by twists of logic consistently support US imperial/transatlantic interests/wars and Israeli hardline views. The group also has its foundation in the 'skeptic movement' (criticism of alternative medicine), leading it to often fail in the other direction and shill for big pharma on Wikipedia.


The investigative journalists Markus Fiedler and Dirk Pohlmann discovered and disclosed the true identity of the Wikipedia author Feliks in 2018, after prolonged investigative work.

In the case of Feliks, he sued Fiedler and Pohlmann for his right to remain anonymous. In 2018, the District Court in Hamburg ruled that they had the right to de-anonymize him, as a matter of public interest. [4]

They also exposed other Wikipedia editors (Kopilot), and have done extensive research on Wikipedia manipulation:

"Wikipedia is not just what it appears to be. It is more than a lexicon. It is also a bogus encyclopedia, a small but effective opinion manipulation machine. In certain areas, the encyclopedia becomes a pseudo-encyclopedia and has been dominated by a small group consisting of approx. 200 people for years. The only thing remaining is something that looks like a reference book, but is in the hands of dogmatists and people who write in Wikipedia non-stop, but have no qualifications in the areas they write about."[5]