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MottoHinc lucem et pocula sacra
(From here, light and sacred draughts)
TypePublic research university
Sponsored byOpen Philanthropy
SubpageCambridge University/Christ's College
Cambridge University/Churchill College
Cambridge University/Clare College
Cambridge University/Corpus Christi College
Cambridge University/Emmanuel College
Cambridge University/Fitzwilliam College
Cambridge University/Girton College
Cambridge University/Gonville and Caius College
Cambridge University/Jesus College
Cambridge University/King's College
Cambridge University/Magdalene College
Cambridge University/Newnham College
Cambridge University/Pembroke College
Cambridge University/Peterhouse
Cambridge University/Queens' College
Cambridge University/Robinson College
Cambridge University/Selwyn College
Cambridge University/Sidney Sussex College
Cambridge University/St Catharine's College
Cambridge University/St John's College
Cambridge University/Trinity College
Cambridge University/Trinity Hall
Cambridge University/Wolfson College
British university with lots of ties to the UK and supranational deep states.

See especially the individual colleges (subpages on the right) for alumni and activities. If someone is listed as only 'Cambridge University', it means which college is not known.

Cambridge University is a British university; a union of colleges, it has been in existence since the early 1200s.


In March 2018, the BBC clarified that "the university has no connections with Cambridge Analytica".[1]

Currently, there is no combined page of Cambridge University alumni; the below should be put into one of the college subpages:


Groups Headquartered Here

Cambridge Apostles1820
Cambridge University/Queens' College1448 JL
Cambridge University/Robinson College1977


Employee on Wikispooks

Ann DowlingHead of the Department of Engineering at the20092014


Open PhilanthropyGrant maker funneling deep state money among other things to pandemic planning. Financed Event 201.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Kamal Adham192929 October 1999Saudi ArabiaSpook
Deep state operative
Director General of Al Mukhabarat Al A'amah at the time of BCCI and "Iran-Contra"
Imran AhmedSpook
Spooky activist "Buffalo might never have happened if online hate had been tackled after Christchurch"
Salman AhmedUSDiplomat
Alex Allan9 February 1951UKCivil servant
Christopher Andrew23 July 1941UKAcademic
Official historian of MI5
Sir David Bell30 September 1946UKBusinesspersonFormer Chairman of the Financial Times
Nigel BlackwoodUKSpook
Reader in Forensic Psychiatry at King’s College London. Expert witness for the US prosecution in the Julian Assange extradition case.
Rivkah BrownJournalist
Vladimir Bukovsky30 December 1942RussiaAuthor
Russian dissident who spoke at the 1979 JCIT.
Charles Burson1944Lawyer
Jane Burston1980UKScientistBritish scientist. World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders 2012.
Ha-Joon Chang7 October 1963Academic
John Chisholm27 August 1946Businessperson
Jay Clayton11 July 1966Lawyer
Deep state functionary
Molly CrockettUSAcademic
neuroscientist who showed that drugs targeting serotonin and dopamine in the brain can change moral decision-making
John Cryan16 December 1960UKFinancier
UK businessman who attended the 2016 Bilderberg as Deutsche Bank CEO. Proponent of abolition of cash.
Daniel Ellsberg7 April 193116 June 2023Author
A feted whistleblower who exposed some details of how the US government was waging the Vietnam War. The fact that he was not persecuted has lead several commentators to suggest that he may not in fact have been all he appears to be. Specifically, the Pentagon Papers may have been a limited hangout.
Juliano Fiori27 June 1985Author
Rugby player
Adrian FortescueJune 1941August 2004UKDiplomat
Spooky UK panelist at the 2002 Bilderberg. Son-in-law of Winston Churchill. Died in 2004
Julia Frifield1962USCivil servantUS/Assistant Secretary of State for Legislative Affairs under Barack Obama.
Reay Geddes7 May 191219 February 1998UKBusinesspersonChairman of Dunlop, Bilderberger
Richard GnoddeMarch 1960South Africa
Multi millionaire South African money man. Attended his first Bilderberg in 2019
Nicky GoulimisGreek?BusinesspersonCo-founder of Nova Credit, a cross-border credit rating company. Attended the 2023 Bilderberg meeting.
Deepti Gurdasani1982India
British-Indian lecturer with links to the Wellcome Sanger Institute. She is a huge promoter of lockdowns and the Covid-19/Vaccine
Stefan Halper1944USAcademic
Deep state actor
Richard Haseldine13 November 1967
Michael Havers10 March 19231 April 1992
Stewart Headlam12 January 184718 November 1924UKPriestA pioneer and publicist of Christian socialism.
Simon HenryJuly 1961UKBusinesspersonBilderberger Shell CFO
Rebecca HilsenrathLawyer
Julia HoggettFinance
Leif Ø. Høegh1964NorwayShipping magnateThird generation Bilderberg member
Aga Khan III2 November 187711 July 1957Royalty
Very rich religious leader working for British colonial interests.
Richard IronSpook
Brian Ivory10 April 1949UKBusinesspersonScottish businessman
Daniel KorskiApril 1977UKSpook
Deep state operative
British spook now dabbling in transforming the health sector
Kwasi Kwarteng26 May 1975UKPolitician
Deep state operative
British Chancellor and suspected deep state operative who reportedly chaired Le Cercle from 2017.
Leslie Lawrenson19622 July 2021UKCOVID-19/Premature death"Anti-vaxxer" dies of COVID?
Duncan Chaplin Lee19131988SpookUS soviet spook
John LoughJune 1964UKDeep state operative
Suspected deep state operative, joined the Institute for Statecraft in 2008, director of the Future Of Russia Foundation, Chatham House
Tim Luckhurst8 January 1963Author
Toby LuckhurstJournalist
Robert MacIntosh8 January 19236 October 2020CanadaBanker
Canadian, "an enormously enthusiastic banker", 1977 Bilderberg
Annie Machon1968Whistleblower
Machon quit together with fellow MI5 whistleblower David Shayler in 1996/7 to expose details of various illegal actions by the organisation. She is currently a political activist working to help other whistleblowers.
Michael MaclayDiplomat
Deep state operative
Former British diplomat and journalist with lots of spooky connections. Early member of the British American Project, recruited by Robert Maxwell and Lord Weidenfeld to their projects, director at Hakluyt, advisor to Carl Bildt...
Shiraz Maher12 July 1981UKAcademic
"Terror expert"
UK writer and commentator on "radicalisation" who attended the 2015 Bilderberg. Reported in March 2020 that he had a tough time recovering from a mild case of COVID-19.
Lucy MarcusJournalist
British business journalist who has written for Project Syndicate, BBC and Reuters
Mungo Melvin1955UKSoldier
Major-General and "outstanding intellectual" at the Institute for Statecraft
Carl MillerJournalist
Integrity Initiative UK Cluster outer core member
Christine Ockrent24 April 1944BelgiumJournalist
Deep state operative
Deep state French journalist and editor
... further results
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