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Page nameImageLifespanInterestsDescription
Stephen HarmonStephen harmon.jpeg1985 - 21 July 2021COVID-19/VaccineHe died in July 2021.
Paul HodgkinsImprisoned for the 2021 Washington D.C. Riots.



Page nameImageLifespanInterestsDescription
'Activist'Wrote a 2010 article on technological developments in surveillance
Daniele Ganser
very busy Wikipedia (German edition) editor that was exposed as an German and Israeli reserve officer
'Lionel'Lionel.jpgBorn 26 August 1958
'Mega'Codename of an alleged Israeli spy in the US government.
'Raoul'No image available (photo).jpgLittle known Portuguese spook who worked for The Cabal as handler for James Earl Ray.
'SatyaRaj'Pseudonym for writer of article on the 2016 US election and the Rothschilds.
Torvild AakvaagTorvild Aakvaag.jpg27 January 1927 - 9 July 2017Single Bilderberg Director General of Norsk Hydro
AaliyahAaliyah.png16 January 1979 - 25 August 2001HollywoodAmerican celebrity who was killed in a plane crash just as her career was starting.
Shaker AamerShakerAamerWithChildren.jpgBorn 12 December 1968The last UK national to be released from Guantanamo Bay, where he was held for 13 years and subjected to torture after refusing to spy for MI5.
David AaronBorn 21 August 1938Deep state connected diplomat
David AaronovitchDavid Aaronovitch Guildford.JPGBorn 8 July 1954UK deep state propagandist on topics from the Bilderberg group to the UK COVID-19 Lockdown. Denied being connected to the Integrity Initiative although leaked documents included his name.
Jozias van AartsenJozias van Aartsen.jpgBorn 25 December 1947One time Bilderberger
Henrik AasarødAasarød.png28 July 1928 - 8 April 2000Attended the 1984 Bilderberg as President of The Norwegian Seafarers' Union
Svein AaserSvein aaser.jpgBorn 7 October 1946Single Bilderberg Norwegian businessman. Led Foundation for Social and Business Research & The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise
Abdelhamid AbaaoudAbdelhamid Abaaoud.jpgDied November 2015The official "mastermind" behind the mass murder in Paris
Juan Carlos Ramírez AbadíaJuan Carlos Ramírez Abadía.gifBorn 16 February 1963
Amira AbaseAmira Abase.jpg
Robin Abaya
Mahmoud AbbasMahmoud Abbas.jpgBorn 26 March 1935President of the State of Palestine and President of the Palestinian National Authority, for what it's worth.
Rajaa Gulum Abbas
Bo AbbottBeau Abbott.jpgA drug trafficking pilot who attempted to blow the whistle on the CIA's illegal drug trafficking but who disappeared - i.e. was probably murdered by the cabal
Diane AbbottDianne Abbot.jpgBorn 27 September 1953
Latoya AbbottLatoya abbott.jpgEvent 201 participant; her innovative methods increased vaccine uptake in hospital workers
Tony AbbottTony Abbott.jpgBorn 4 November 1957"The delicate balance between freedom and security may have to shift"...
Omar Abdel-RahmanOmar Abdul-Rahman.jpg3 May 1938 - 18 February 2017
Ziad AbdelnourZanour.jpgBorn 3 December 1960A neoconservative financier who was disciplined by the SEC.
Salah AbdeslamSalah Abdeslam.jpgBorn 15 September 1989
Abdel Mohsen Bin Walid Bin AbdulazizAbdel Mohsen.jpgBorn 18 July 1986A Saudi prince stopped in 2015 with 2 tons of amphetamines aboard his private jet.
Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin AbdulazizAbdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz.jpgBorn 1963Le Cercle
Umar Farouk AbdulmutallabUmar Farouk Abdulmutallab.jpgBorn 22 December 1986The Underwear bomber
Rami AbdulrahmanRami Abdul Rahman.jpg
Sheila Abdus-SalaamSheila Abdus-Salaam.jpg14 March 1952 - 12 April 2017A US judge
Shinzō AbeShinzō Abe.jpgBorn 21 September 1954As Japanese PM he aggressively re-militarised the country
Agha Hasan AbediAgha Hasan Abedi.jpg14 May 1922 - 6 August 1995
Hashem AbediHashem Abedi.jpgBorn 1997
Ismail AbediSalman Hashem Ismail.jpgBorn 1993Libyan Islamic Fighting Group
Salman AbediSalman Abedi.jpgBorn 31 December 1994
Huma AbedinHuma Abedin.jpgBorn 28 July 1976Hillary Clinton's "right-hand woman", 7th floor group, kept Hillary posted about Laura Silsby. Exposed after her emails were recovered by the FBI during a probe about her husband's sexting minors.
James AbercrombieJames Abercrombie.jpg
Ralph Abernathy11 March 1926 - 17 April 1990
Luigi Abete
Mordechai AbirOil
Moslem fundamentalism
Amr Abdellatif AboulattaAmr Abdellatif Aboulatta.jpg
James AbourezkBorn 24 February 1931
Ahmed AboutalebBorn 29 August 1961Mayor of Rotterdam. Attended the 2016 Bilderberg
Kevin AbrahamKevin Abraham.jpgBorn February 1960Institute for Statecraft businessman
David Martin Abrahams
James AbrahamsonJames Alan Abrahamson.jpgBorn 19 May 1933U.S. Air Force general responsible for space imaging and the Strategic Defence Intiative. Abrahamson later directed Stratesec, a company which had unparalleled access to the World Trade Center prior to 2001. He was a member of the deep state intelligence coordinating conference Le Cercle.
Eduard AbrahamyanEduard Abrahamyan.jpgNATO
Russia/Foreign policy
Institute for Statecraft, whose PhD supervisor was also a Institute for Statecraft member.
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