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Group.png Yakuza  
(Crime syndicateISGPRdf-entity.pngRdf-icon.png
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Formation17th century
Interest ofShinzō Abe

The Yakuza are organised crime groups in Japan. At their height, the Yakuza maintained a large presence in the Japanese media and operated internationally. At their peak in the early 1960s, police estimated that the Yakuza had a membership of more than 200,000; this number has drastically dropped, a decline attributed to changing market opportunities and several legal and social developments in Japan which discourage the growth of Yakuza membership.

“Parts of the Japanese system have long relied on Japan’s peculiar form of organized crime – known internationally as the Yakuza. Yakuza syndicates may actually help to maintain a low crime rate, with gangsters keeping an eye on unorganized crime in return for governmental blind eye. But the Japanese case does not come close to the level of criminality of the American variety.”
Karel van Wolferen [1]

Yakuza exclusion ordinances

Since 2011 laws have been passed to prohibit citizens from making or keeping up a relationship with the Yakuza. Members of Yakuza groups can not get a bank account. Anyone who provides a bank account in stead can be prosecuted. Paying cash from demands of blackmail are also criminalized.[2][3][4]

"Japanese MMA & The Yakuza" with Enson Inoue (from Joe Rogan Experience #316)[5]

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