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(spook, handler, deep state actor)
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Perpetrator ofMLK/Assassination
Little known Portuguese spook who worked for The Cabal as handler for James Earl Ray.

'Raoul' was/is a Portuguese spook who worked as handler for James Earl Ray.[1] He worked for the US deep state and knew Jack Ruby and his girls.[citation needed] Pat Shannan has alleged that 'Raoul' was working for the FBI.[2]


'Raoul' exercised influence over James Earl Ray whom he met when Ray was on the run in Montreal in 1967. Ray states that 'Raoul' lured him into a small gun-running scheme, and instructed him to buy the rifle in Birmingham as well as rent the room in the Memphis boarding house.[3]


William Pepper searched for 'Raoul' and found someone whom he thought was the man, living in Yonkers, New York, but since he refused to answer the door Pepper was unable to interview him.[1]


An event carried out

MLK/AssassinationLorraine Motel
Officially a US-government assisted assassination!