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The University of California, Berkeley is a public, land-grant research university in California. Established in 1868 as the state's first land-grant university, it was the first campus of the University of California system and a founding member of the Association of American Universities. Berkeley is ranked among the world's top universities by major educational publications.

Berkeley hosts many leading research institutes, including the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute and the Space Sciences Laboratory. It founded and maintains close relationships with three national laboratories at Berkeley, Livermore and Los Alamos, and has played a prominent role in many scientific advances, from the Manhattan Project and the discovery of 16 chemical elements to breakthroughs in computer science and genomics. Berkeley is also known for political activism and the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s.

Berkeley alumni and faculty count among their ranks 110 Nobel laureates, 25 Turing Award winners, 14 Fields Medalists, 28 Wolf Prize winners, 103 MacArthur "Genius Grant" recipients, 30 Pulitzer Prize winners, and 19 Academy Award winners. The university has produced seven heads of state or government; six chief justices, including Chief Justice of the United States Earl Warren; 22 cabinet-level officials; 11 governors; and 25 living billionaires.


Alumni on Wikispooks

Jerome Adams22 September 1974USDoctorDonald Trump's Surgeon General
Gary AguirreUSWhistleblower
An SEC whistleblower
Robert Baer1 July 1952USSpookAmerican author and former CIA operative; some very interesting stuff, some suspected misdirection.
Zoë Baird20 June 1952USSpook
Spookily connected US lawyer
Douglas Bennet23 June 193810 June 2018USAttended the 1994 Bilderberg as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs
Max Boot12 September 1969US
Double Bilderberg historian and editor eager for wars.
Michael Boskin23 September 1945USAcademic
David Brock2 November 1962USPoliticial operative
Jerry Brown7 April 1938Politician
Mae Brussell29 May 19223 October 1988ResearcherA renowned researcher and investigative journalist in the field of deep politics.
Antonio Maria Costa16 June 1941Economist
François de Donnea29 April 1941BelgiumPolitician
Belgian nobility
Belgian establishment politician. Attended the 1997 Bilderberg as Mayor of Brussels
John Dunlop5 July 19142 October 2003USAcademicUS Secretary of Labor. Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Harvard when attending 1971 Bilderberg
Andrew Feinstein16 March 1964Author
Former South African politician who authored Shadowworld, an expose of the global arms trade.
Rodrigo de Rato Figaredo18 March 1949SpainPoliticianBilderberg 1992 and 1994, embezzler, money laundering, IMF managing director, Panama Papers
Allan Francovich23 March 194124 April 1997USFilmmakerFrancovich was a talented and courageous filmmaker who produced unparalleled exposés of various misdeeds by the powerful. Termed a 'charlatan' by some, a "conspiracy theorist" by others (though not by Wikipedia).
Christoph Franz2 May 1960GermanBusinesspersonLufthansa CEO, One Bilderberg, called for mandation of COVID-19 vaccines in April 2021.
Fabrice Fries10 March 1960FranceBusiness executiveFrench CEO of Agence France-Presse.
John K. Galbraith15 October 190829 April 2006USDiplomat
Pierre GoldschmidtBelgiumPhysicist
Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Safeguards at the International Atomic Energy Agency 1999-2005.
Allan Gotlieb28 February 192818 April 2020CanadaAuthor
Quad Bilderberger Canadian diplomat
Philip Habib25 February 192025 May 1992USDiplomatUS diplomat. Panelist on Whither The United States? at the 1992 Bilderberg.
Gikas Hardouvelis8 October 1955GreecePolitician
US educated former Greek Minister of Finance. Bilderberg 2011, same year assisting Greek Prime Minister Lucas Papademos during talks with bondholders about debt and with the Troika on Greece’s second adjustment program.
Bill Haseltine17 October 1944Author
William Hewitt9 August 191416 May 1998USBusinesspersonJohn Deere's sixth president. Attended 3 Bilderbergs in the early 1960s
David Horowitz10 January 1939USAuthor
D. Lowell Jensen3 June 1928US
Hiram Johnson2 September 18666 August 1945PoliticianA leading US "isolationist" politician.
John JudisUSJournalistDemocratic socialist journalist identifying this with the Democratic Party
Paul Klebnikov3 June 19639 July 2004Journalist
Stephen Kotkin17 February 1959USAcademic
Senior fellow, Hoover Institution
Michael L'Estrange12 October 1952AustraliaDiplomat
Civil servant
Rhodes Scholar to Oxford, then studied under Madeleine Albright. Spooky civil servant and Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.
Tom Lantos1 February 192811 February 2008Politician
Peter LavoyUSSpook
"Terror expert"
Cheng LiUSAcademicBorn in China, Cheng Li cames to US in 1985 and trained as an academic. Triple Bilderberg
Haakon Magnus20 July 1973NorwayNorwegian royalty who attended the 2011 Bilderberg
Scott Malcomson1961USAuthor
Tom Malinowski23 September 1965US
Frank Mankiewicz16 May 192423 October 2014Journalist
Political advisor
Alejandro Mayorkas24 November 1959LawyerA lawyer connected to Bill Clinton's 'Pardongate' episode
John McCone4 January 190214 February 1991Spook
Eugene Meyer31 October 187517 July 1959Spook
Central banker
Norman Mineta12 November 1931US Secretary of Transportation whose revealing testimony to the 9-11 commission was covered up in their final report.
Thierry de Montbrial3 March 1943FranceResearcher
Deep politician
French deep politician with his own intelligence agency. Former serial Bilderberger
Alfred Neal1913March 2000USEconomistUS economist who attended the 1958 Bilderberg
Andrew Ng1976USResearcher
Peter Norvig14 December 1956Author
James PetrasUSAcademicHis decades of writing has focused on social justice, anti-imperialism, Latin-America,Zionism and similar subjects. He is not afraid to touch on the deeper machinations of empire.
Peter PhillipsUSAcademicDirector of ProjectCensored. In 1996 he completed a thesis about the Bohemian Grove
Gerald Posner20 May 1954USJournalist
Deep state functionary
A supporter of US deep state official narratives
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