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Public broadcasting in Germany involves radio, television and websites whose primary mission is to provide information as a public service based on a fee.


A comment by Off Guardian from 2019 about the commercially-controlled media which gives the viewpoint expressed in the blog post a bit more perspective.
  • 3sat
  • ARD (main channel, national television)
  • ZDF (main channel, national television)
  • arte
  • WDR
  • SWR
  • rbb
  • NDR
  • MDR
  • hr
  • BR

Notable programs

  • Monitor - investigative format, produced by ARD [1]

Foreign audiences

Deutsche Welle or DW ("German Wave"), is a German public state-owned international broadcaster funded by the German federal tax budget.

Social control

Full article: Social control

About 25.000 people have an employment contract within the system of public broadcasting, but a greater number of people is without and work on a so-called "free basis" ("freies Anstellungsverhältnis").[2] Contractors akin to those who are employed and some free contractors on a less continuously ongoing work basis. This does ensure obedience in a large portion of the workforce, since a free contract can not be renewed if anybody is giving problems to the decision makers further up in the hierarchy.[3]

Social milieu

A comment on the German language, political/financial forum:, about a certain city bound class in Germany, may well describe the social milieu from which the majority of employees in public broadcasting, in the present day, is recruited:[4]

The fat cats who float on top of the Federal Republic of Germany political soup ... count (themselves) among the class of the urban, established middle class. This also means that they live in a socio-cultural bubble in which one has to take a highly active interest in certain fashionable topics: "climate," recently "corona," "diversity" and other substitute religions. The peer group ensures that the system settles down to a stable minimum and that everyone pulls in the same direction. The fact that a deeper intellectual understanding of these (bogus) topics is not at all necessary for participation in this milieu is an invaluable advantage. This fully explains why they have the priorities they do, as evidenced by their political actions.


Nord Stream

In June 2023, a Die Zeit, ARD and NOS report by current affairs program Nieuwsuur revealed the US Central Intelligence Agency warned Ukraine not to blow up the Nord Steam Pipeline in 2022. The Americans did so after they had received an alarming report from the Dutch Military Intelligence and Security Service or MIVD. That agency had heard about Ukrainian plans for an upcoming attack from a source in Ukraine.[5] The report mentioned that "The planned sabotage in June was cancelled three months before it did go through, but in September the pipeline was still blown up. The scenario was nearly identical to that exposed by the MIVD three months earlier." Dutch media reported that - according to insiders - the Dutch Minister Defence Kasja Ollogren, and Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister Wopke Hoekstra of Foreign Affairs, were informed by the MIVD and subsequent CIA briefings.

“In March, when the possible involvement of Ukraine was discussed, Minister Ollongren emphasized that the support that that country received from the Netherlands and Europa had nothing to do with the question as to whether Ukraine was involved in the bombing of the Nord Stream.

The plan, which was intercepted by the MIVD, put General Valery Zaluzhny, Ukraine's highest-ranking military officer, in charge of the operation. A small team of divers was said to plan to carry out the sabotage from a yacht. Zelensky was said not to have been in the loop.

Last week, The Washington Post reported about this plan based on leaked Pentagon documents, stating that the information had been shared by a European intelligence service. As it turns out, that was the MIVD.”
Eelco Bosch van Rosenthal,  Ben Meindertsma,  NOS (12 June 2023)  [6]


A Document by Germany/Public broadcasting

TitleDocument typePublication dateSubject(s)Description
File:Maidan snipers.pdfreport10 April 20142014 Ukraine coup/Maidan snipersA report about the Kiev Maidan sniper events of February 2014 by German TV investigative programme "Monitor" that first aired on 10 April 2014


Employees on Wikispooks

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Souad MekhennetJournalistFebruary 2004July 2013


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A document sourced from Germany/Public broadcasting

TitleTypeSubject(s)Publication dateAuthor(s)Description
File:Maidan snipers.pdfreport2014 Ukraine coup/Maidan snipers10 April 2014Germany/Public broadcastingA report about the Kiev Maidan sniper events of February 2014 by German TV investigative programme "Monitor" that first aired on 10 April 2014
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