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Concept.png Neo-feudalism 
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An expression of the continuinty of de facto social oppression which survived the transition from feudalism to capitalism, and which is currently experienced by an ever growing global precariat.

Neo-feudalism combines neo- (new) with feudalism, an explicitly hierarchical pre-capitalist social system with minimal social mobility in which social position was inherited. Its reference to a former age challenges the neoconservative official narrative of progress through increased monetisation.


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Feudalism was a social system which emphasised inherited privilege and rank, a kind of European version of the Indian caste system. From a historical perspctive this is often portrayed as an oppressive arrangement; phrases such as the "free market", express the contrasting liberation of capitalism implicit in its higher social mobility.


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The term "neofeudalism" is a disparaging reference to the 21st century globalised social system associated with neoconservatism. It asserts a historical continuity of oppression and highlights the fact that social mobility has declines with the intensification of globalised crony capitalism.