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This page lists key actors in the COVID-19 event who are not Bilderbergers and have no known close connections to the WEF.

Virus R & D

Full article: COVID-19/Origins
Shi Zhengli (left) and Peter Daszak (right), friends who collaborated on "gain of function" research on coronaviruses


Pandemic Planning

Full article: Pandemic/Planning

Task Forces

Full article: COVID-19 Task Force
  • Robert Kadlec - In June 2020, was Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services (Preparedness and Response).[5]

National Task Forces


  • Jane Halton - Australian deep state functionary with a past as leader of other ruthless operations. Central in managing Australia's part of Covid.


Social change


Full article: COVID-19/Lockdown
  • Luciana Borio - A member of the National Security Council and vice president at the CIA-connected In-Q-Tel, on November 9, 2020, U.S. president-elect Joe Biden named Borio to be one of the 13 members of his COVID-19 Advisory Board. She was a proponent of drastic lockdown measures.

Furlough Schemes



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Social distancing

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Track and Trace

Full article: Rated 3/5 Mass surveillance

Controlling the Narrative



Big media

Promoting panic

Full article: COVID-19/Panic
  • Ab Osterhaus - leading Dutch virologist prominent in cooperate media predicting the most dire consequences

Opinion polling


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Full article: “COVID-19/Vaccine”

R & D

Sidelining repurposed drugs

Liability Evasion

Production & distribution

Uncritical promotion

Scapegoating of non-recipients


Full article: COVID-19/Vaccine/Mandation

"Vaccine Passports"

Full article: Vaccine/Passport

Sidelining natural immunity

  • Scott Gottlieb - Pressured Twitter to label as "misinformation" a tweet about the superiority of natural immunity over jab-derived immunity[13]

Great Reset

Full article: Great Reset

COVID handouts

Financial restructuring - a.k.a. Central Bank Digital Currencies

Digital Identity

Unclassified so far...

Less important roles

Other supposedly "independent" people with conflicted interests included: Kathryn Edwards.[14]