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(businessman, lawyer, aristocrat, deep state operative)
Jaime Carvajal y Urquijo.png
Born9 June 1939
Álava, Spain
Alma materComplutense University of Madrid, University of Cambridge
Parents • Francisco de Borja Carvajal y Xifré
• Isabel Urquijo Landecho
SpouseIsabel Hoyos Martinez de Irujo
Member ofBilderberg/Steering committee, Trilateral Commission
Spanish Bilderberg steering committee member. Close to king Juan Carlos. Trilateral Commission.

Not to be confused with his son Jaime Carvajal Hoyos

Jaime Fernando Carvajal y de Urquijo is a Spanish economist, lawyer and aristocrat with an extensive professional career as a financier, entrepreneur, businessman, investor and philanthropist. He shared a private education with future king Juan Carlos, and became CEO of the Banco Urquijo from 1978 (where the owner the Marquis of Urquijo was mysteriously assassinated in 1980). He was a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee and of the the Trilateral Commission.

Early life

Born in 1939, Jaime Carvajal Urquijo has a degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid and a Master's in Economics from the University of Cambridge. From 1948 he was educated together with Juan Carlos de Borbón, the future king of Spain, in a small school conceived for the then young prince. He obtained the National Baccalaureate Award.


In 1963 he began working at Banco Urquijo, of which he would be appointed president in 1978. During the constituent legislature (1977-1979), he was a senator by royal appointment, and was also one of the signatories of the Spanish Constitution of 1978.

In 1980 and after the first democratic elections in Spain since the 1930s, he was invited to be part of the Trilateral Commission and, shortly after, he joined the Bilderberg Club as a member of its Executive Committee. He would be appointed active but non-executive president of Ford Spain (1981-2002), Ericsson Spain (1995-2011), ABB Spain, Plus Ultra and Parques Reunidos.

On August 1, 1980, Manuel de la Sierra y Torres, Marquis of Urquijo and owner of Banco Urquijo, and his wife María Lourdes, was assassinated in their house in Somosaguas.[1]

Between 1983 and 1988 he was President of Banco Hispano Industrial and in 1988 he founded Iberfomento, a company dedicated to venture capital and advising on mergers and acquisitions that years later formalized a "joint venture" with the British investment bank Kleinwort Benson, on whose board would join. In 1995 he became the first president and co-founder of the Spain-United States Council, a civil, private organization supported by the governments of both countries, created to promote cooperation and links between Spain and the United States. In 2002 he became Managing Director & Partner of Advent International, one of the largest private equity firms in the world. Simultaneously, Carvajal Urquijo would be appointed Senior Advisor of Morgan Stanley, a position he holds today.

He has combined these activities with responsibilities such as the vice-presidency of Ferrovial, the Prado Museum Board of Trustees , the presidency of the Reina Sofía Orchestra and with the boards of Telefónica,Repsol, Unión Fenosa, Abengo , Asland and Indra Sistemas and some non-profit companies.

In 2014 he was co-founder and first president of the Endeavor Spain Foundation, a global organization that helps high-impact entrepreneurs with the ability to create qualified jobs, generate profits and inspire future generations of entrepreneurs.

Jaime Carvajal Urquijo is currently a trustee of the Zubiri Foundation, a trustee of the Hay Derecho Foundation, a member of the Social Council of the UNIR, vice president of the Institute of Directors-Administrators and an investor and advisor to new entrepreneurs.


In September 1962 he married Isabel Hoyos Martinez de Irujo, Marquesa de Hoyos and Grandee of Spain, with whom he had four children: Ana María (1963), Jaime (1964-2020), Victoria ( 1966) and Luis (1969). His parents were Isabel Urquijo Landecho and Francisco de Borja Carvajal y Xifré, 4th Marquis of Isasi and Count of Fontanar.


Events Participated in

Bilderberg/198214 May 198216 May 1982Norway
The 30th Bilderberg, held in Norway.
Bilderberg/198313 May 198315 May 1983Canada
Château Montebello
The 31st Bilderberg, held in Canada
Bilderberg/198411 May 198413 May 1984Sweden
The 32nd Bilderberg, held in Sweden
Bilderberg/198510 May 198512 May 1985New York
Arrowwood of Westchester
Rye Brook
The 33rd Bilderberg, held in Canada
Bilderberg/198625 April 198627 April 1986Scotland
Gleneagles Hotel
The 34th Bilderberg, 109 participants
Bilderberg/19883 June 19885 June 1988Austria
The 36th meeting, 114 participants
Bilderberg/198912 May 198914 May 1989Spain
La Toja Island
37th Bilderberg meeting, 110 guests
Bilderberg/199010 May 199013 May 1990New York
Glen Cove
38th Bilderberg meeting, 119 guests
Bilderberg/19916 June 19919 June 1991Germany
Steigenberger Hotel Badischer Hof
The 39th Bilderberg, 114 guests
Bilderberg/199221 May 199224 May 1992France
Royal Club Evian
The 40th Bilderberg. It had 121 participants.
Bilderberg/199322 April 199325 April 1993Greece
Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel
The 41st Bilderberg, held in Greece
Bilderberg/19942 June 19945 June 1994Finland
The 42nd Bilderberg, in Helsinki.
Bilderberg/19958 June 199511 June 1995Greece
Nafsika Astir Palace Hotel
The 43rd Bilderberg. Held at the Burgenstock Hotel in Burgenstock, Switzerland.
Bilderberg/199630 May 19962 June 1996Canada
The 44th Bilderberg, held in Canada
Bilderberg/199712 June 199715 June 1997US
Lake Lanier
Georgia (State)
The 45th Bilderberg meeting
Bilderberg/199814 May 199817 May 1998Scotland
The 46th Bilderberg meeting, held in Scotland, chaired by Peter Carrington
Bilderberg/20103 June 20106 June 2010Spain
Hotel Dolce Sitges
The 122 guests met in the Hotel Dolce Sitges, Barcelona, Spain.
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