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MottoDominus Illuminatio Mea
(The Lord is my light)
HeadquartersOxford, UK
SubpageOxford University/All Souls College
Oxford University/Balliol College
Oxford University/Brasenose College
Oxford University/Christ Church
Oxford University/Corpus Christi College
Oxford University/Exeter College
Oxford University/Hertford College
Oxford University/Jesus College
Oxford University/Keble College
Oxford University/Lady Margaret Hall
Oxford University/Linacre College
Oxford University/Lincoln College
Oxford University/Magdalen College
Oxford University/Mansfield College
Oxford University/Merton College
Oxford University/New College
Oxford University/Nuffield College
Oxford University/Oriel College
Oxford University/Pembroke College
Oxford University/Queen's College
Oxford University/Somerville College
Oxford University/St Anne's College
Oxford University/St Antony's College
Oxford University/St Benet's College
Oxford University/St Catherine's College
Oxford University/St Edmund Hall
Oxford University/St Hilda's College
Oxford University/St Hugh's College
Oxford University/St John's College
Oxford University/St Peter's College
Oxford University/Trinity College
Oxford University/University College
Oxford University/Wadham College
Oxford University/Wolfson College
Oxford University/Worcester College
Oxford University/Wycliffe Hall

Oxford University is a union of colleges. Together with Cambridge University, it makes up Oxbridge, the two two longest established UK universities.

Currently, there is no combined page of Oxford University alumni; the alumni below should be put into one of the college subpages:


Groups Headquartered Here

Bullingdon Club1780An Oxford university dining club with a habit for inebriation and subsequent property destruction. A UK equivalent of the US Skull and Bones fraternity, which has had a large number of establishment insiders as members over the years.
Jenner Institute2005Oxford University linked research centre
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies1982
Oxford University/Hertford College
Oxford University/Keble College
Oxford University/Mansfield College
Oxford University/St Catherine's College
Oxford University/Wolfson College1965
Oxford University/Worcester College
Oxford University/Wycliffe Hall1877
University of Oxford/Saïd Business School


Employee on Wikispooks

Nigel Gould-DaviesLecturer in Politics and International Relations19962000


Alumni on Wikispooks

Kate Airey
Alvise ArmelliniItalian?JournalistItalian journalist who joined the Integrity Initiative's Italian cluster
Timothy Garton Ash12 July 1955UKHistorianUK historian, Ditchley Governor with other connections. Presented a paper to the 1989 Bilderberg. Subsequently attended two more, over a span of 30 years.
Jessica AshoohUSPropagandist
Deep state functionary
"Hawkish young mandarin hothoused at elite universities and in the halls of state power"
Les Aspin21 July 193821 May 1995
Bolor-Erdene Battsenge1983Head of Mongolia's Communication and Information Technology Authority, WEF/YGL
Alan Beith20 April 1943UKPoliticianUK politician
John Bell1 July 1952Canada
Medical researcher who attended the 2013 Bilderberg. Appointed to the UK Vaccine Task Force. Became a center of attention when he stated that COVID-19 vaccines "are unlikely to completely sterilize a population".
Dennis Blair4 February 1947Spook
James Boasberg20 February 1963Judge"The go-to judge if you don’t want something released to the public"
Roger BoneUKDiplomatFormer UK diplomat who went over to the military-industrial complex as President of Boeing UK. He is also a Trustee of the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI).
Walter Boveri6 December 189420 March 1972SwitzerlandBanker
Attended the Bilderbergs from 1959 to 1962
Louis BrookeUK
Rivkah BrownJournalist
Daniel Bruno1967USJournalist
US Journalist who has published numerous articles about digital currencies and privacy protection. 911 dissident. Denied passport and re-entry to country by US government.
James Bryce10 May 183822 January 1922Politician
William Walton Butterworth7 September 190331 March 1975USDiplomatAmerican diplomat to China, and to Canada during the 1963 regime change.
John Moors Cabot11 December 190124 February 1981Diplomat
Deep state operative
Cold War diplomat
Ashton Carter24 September 1954Spook
Jared Cohen24 November 1981USDeep state functionary
CEO of Jigsaw, CFR, Bilderberg, who "grew up watching [GHWB]'s example & I was honored to get to know him in his later years."
Adam Curtis26 May 1955Journalist
Lionel Curtis18721955UKAcademic
Deep state operative
José Cutileiro20 November 193417 May 2020PortugalDiplomat
Attended the 1995 Bilderberg as Secretary General of the Western European Union
Ivo Daalder2 March 1960Diplomat
Deep state operative
Ron Dermer16 April 1971IsraelDiplomatBenjamin Netanyahu's closest adviser and strategic consultant
Michelle DippUSScientist
Biotechnology investor.
John Douglas15 August 19212 June 2010USLawyerCovington & Burling. Part of committee that arranged for the release of Cuban exiles who had participated in the Bay of Pigs Invasion
Clark Ervin1 April 1959LawyerInspector General of the United States Department of Homeland Security, then lobbyist
Tim Evans10 January 1961Canadian?Deep state operativeClose to a number of Foundations, World Bank, WHO. Participated in at least two pandemic planning exercises in 2019: Event 201 and A Spreading Plague
James Fallows2 August 1949USAuthor
US journalist, ACG Young Leaders 1977, CFR, First Bilderberg in 2018 aged 69
Harry Ferguson1961UKWhistleblower
A spook who admits that the UK tortured IRA members in Northern Ireland.
Martin FordeLawyer
Tom FowdyUKAcademicBritish academic with interest in East Asia
Michael Froman20 August 1962
George Gao1961ChinaVirologistChinese virologist and immunologist who participated in the notorious Event 201 and the 2021 Monkeypox Tabletop Exercise
Jack Goldsmith26 September 1962USAcademic
Harvard Law School professor who advocated that human rights should not apply to defendants before U.S. courts. Stepson of "Chuckie" O'Brien, widely believed to have played a role in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.
Lincoln Gordon10 September 191319 December 2009USDiplomat
3 Early Bilderbergs, US Ambassador to Brazil in the 1960s, where he helped arrange the 1964 military coup.
Allan Gotlieb28 February 192818 April 2020CanadaAuthor
Quad Bilderberger Canadian diplomat
Nigel Gould-DaviesUKDiplomat
Chatham House, Integrity Initiative
Arthur Maundy Gregory1 July 187728 September 1941UKSpook
An early 20th century sexual blackmailer who had so much dirt on key establishment figures that his MI5 file remains censored, 65+ years after his death.
Stuart Gulliver9 March 1959UKFinancierBritish financier and tax-avoidance expert
Stefan Halper1944USAcademic
Deep state actor
Dido Harding9 November 1967UKBusinesspersonEnglish businesswoman with strong ties to the UK health bureaucracy. Led several important parts of the UK government's plans in the COVID-19 deep event, including "Test and Trace" and similar programs.
Amalyah HartPropagandist
Arnold Heeney5 April 190220 December 1970CanadaDiplomat
Civil servant
Deep state actor
Deep State Canadian civil servant, then Ambassador to the United States. When PM Diefenbaker showed signs of independence, Heeney spent much time lobbying his own government against it.
Karin von HippelFebruary 1965UKSpookDirector General of RUSI; author of Democracy by Force
Bruce Hoffman1954Editor
Stuart Holland25 March 1940UKPolitician
UK politician who attended the 1970 Bilderberg aged 30
Catherine HowarthUKActivistWorld Economic Forum Young Global Leader 2016. Member of the Scott Trust, owner of the Guardian Media Group.
Tom HurdUKDiplomat
"Terror expert"
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