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Group.png Oxford University/Balliol College  
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HeadquartersOxford, UK

Balliol College is a part of Oxford university.


Alumni on Wikispooks

David Aaronovitch8 July 1954Author
A journalist, popular with corporate media who makes light of the Bilderberg group. Denied being connected to the Integrity Initiative although leaked documents included his name.
Julian Amery27 March 19193 September 1996UKSpook
Deep politician
MI6, deep politician who chaired Le Cercle for several years.
Leo Amery22 November 187316 September 1955UKPolitician
Deep state operative
Herbert Asquith12 September 185215 February 1928Politician
David Astor5 March 19127 December 2001UKPublisherThe Observer Editor for over 25 years, attended 2 Bilderbergs in the 1950s
Claire Berlinski1968Author
Alan Bersin15 October 1946
William Beveridge5 March 187916 March 1963UKAcademic
Social Scientist
James Billington1 June 192930 September 2015USAcademicBilderberger academic
William Blair31 March 1950UKAcademic
Older brother of Tony Blair, a former High Court Judge and Queen's Counsel.
David Boren21 April 1941Politician
John Boyd-Carpenter2 June 190811 July 1998UKPolitician
Peter Brooke3 March 1934Politician
James Burnham22 November 190528 July 1987Author
George Curzon11 January 185920 March 1925Diplomat
Ian Davis10 March 1951UKBusinessperson
Cressida Dick16 October 1960UKPolice officer
Raymond Evershed8 August 18993 October 1966UKJudge
Jonathan FinerLawyer
Deep state actor
US deep state actor, lawyer, 7th Floor Group, CFR, friend of UK and US deep state functionaries
Michèle Flournoy14 December 1960
David Maxwell Fyfe29 May 190027 January 1967UKLawyerLord High Chancellor of Great Britain, Attorney General for England and Wales, Triple Bilderberg
Anthony L. Gardner16 May 1963
Ian Gilmour8 July 192621 September 2007Politician
Damian Green17 January 1956Politician
Graham Greene2 October 19043 April 1991UKAuthor
Joseph Grimond29 July 191324 October 1993UKPolitician
Denis Healey30 August 19173 October 2015UKPolitician
Bilderberg Steering committee member, who attended 23 Bilderberg meetings.
Edward Heath9 July 191617 July 2005UKPoliticianUK Prime Minister, posthumously suggested to be controlled through the UK/VIPaedophile operation
Christopher Hitchens13 April 194915 December 2011US
Morrice James30 April 191626 November 1989UKDiplomat
Roy Jenkins11 November 19205 January 2003
Boris Johnson19 June 1964UKPolitician
Deep state operative
Jo Johnson23 December 1971Politician
Nicholas Katzenbach17 January 19228 May 2012Lawyer
Deep state actor
United States Deputy Attorney General at the time of the JFK assassination who assisted in the cover up
Kenneth Keniston1930USAcademic
Charles Krauthammer13 March 195021 June 2018USJournalist
Single Bilderberger Washington Conference on International Terrorism visitor
Richard Lambert (editor)23 September 1944UKJournalist
Julian Lewis26 September 1951UKSpook
Harold Macmillan10 February 189429 December 1986UKPublisher
Ghislaine Maxwell25 December 1961Spook
Deep state operative
Long term associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Disappeared in 2019. Arrested in July 2020.
Patrick Mayhew11 September 192925 June 2016Politician
Seumas Milne1958UKJournalist
Alfred Milner23 March 185413 May 1925UKDiplomat
Deep politician
A deep politician of singular importance in the UK Deep state of the late 19th and early 20th century.
Con O'Neill3 June 191211 January 1988UK
Chris Patten12 May 1944UK
Robert Peston25 April 1960Journalist
James Purnell2 March 1970UK
William Rees-Mogg14 July 192829 December 2012UKJournalist
John Rennie13 January 191430 September 1981UKDiplomat
Nicholas Ridley17 February 19294 March 1993Politician
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