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(9-11/Dissident, journalist)
Daniel Bruno with US flag.png
New York City
CitizenshipUnited States of America
Alma materOxford University
OrganizationTeam Daniel Bruno
Interests • 9-11
• “War on Drugs”
• cryptocurrencies
RelativesCharles Lampkin
US Journalist who has published numerous articles about digital currencies and privacy protection. 911 dissident. Denied passport and re-entry to country by US government.

Daniel Bruno is a 9/11 dissident and the publisher of the Huffpo Club and Swiftcointalk.org websites. His essays on current affairs and finance have appeared in the Huffington Post,[1] Russia Today,[2] the History News Network,[3] OpEdNews,[4] Market Oracle,[5] OpenDemocracy[6] Global Research,[7] as well as Spanish and Russian[8]language websites. He used to be a semi-frequent guest on Bloomberg Television and CNBC as well as the Russia Today network to discuss bitcoin.[9]


Daniel Bruno was an early advocate of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. In 2011, he became the first person to successfully apply for a cryptocurrency patent and in 2012, created the first blockchain based debt instrument. [10][11] In 2015, Daniel Bruno published a series of papers about bitcoin valuations and the need of developing countries such as Venezuela to back cryptocurrencies with hard assets such as crude oil.[12] Bruno's ideas formed the argument promulgated by the Venezuelan government in creating the Petro cryptocurrency.

9/11 Research

In 2013, Daniel Bruno produced a trilogy of videos[13] [14] entitled "September 11, a Bernie Madoff Sized Fraud," in which he demonstrates that informed trading of calls and puts in the run up to 9/11 proves that there had to be foreknowledge of the attack on Wall Street. The final video of the series is dedicated to Philip Marshall, the erstwhile CIA pilot turned author, who was found murdered along with his children and dog on February 3, 2013. He was expected to publish a new book about 9/11 that would debunk the official narrative.

Screenplays and Poetry

Daniel Bruno wrote the screenplay to Gregory Hughes McFadden[15] and the epic poem Sanjusangendo while in Kyoto in 2009. A hardback copy of the poem is kept at the Mori Tower Library, top floor, Roppongi Hills, Tokyo).[16][17]

Interviewer and Interviewee

Daniel Bruno made notable gold price predictions in February, 2010, on CNBC London.[9] He also used to appear on Venture Capital, a Russia Today TV channel, until the show's last episode in 2014.[18][19]

Daniel Bruno was the interview host for the Huffpo Club during 2014. Interviewees include legendary Cuban-American musician Paquito D'Rivera,[20] controversial, anti-Zionist Jewish intellectual Israel Shamir,[21] anarchist author Peter Gelderloos,[22] 9/11 authority Kevin Barrett,[23] 9/11 "no planes hit the Twin Towers" theorist Morgan Reynolds[24] and others.


Daniel Bruno reported live from Cairo during 2011 Revolution.[25]


Daniel Bruno has also delved into race and police violence,[26] and has discredited the "War on Drugs" as a fraud.[27][28]He has published numerous articles about digital currencies and privacy protection.[29] Daniel Bruno has criticised the corrupt process by which unqualified political fundraisers are tapped for ambassadorships, e.g. former U.S. ambassador to Argentina Noah Mamet.[30] Electoral science is also a favorite theme,[31] as well as financial market trends.[32] [33]

In July, 2010, Daniel Bruno published a scathing article about the Deepwater Horizon oil spill catastrophe entitled "The Big Pimper"[34]

Daniel Bruno wrote review of Jesse Ventura's American Conspiracies for the Canadian website Global Research.[7]

On October 2015, The Huffpo Club published the New Bill of Rights by Daniel Bruno. "The New Bill of Rights aims to bring back the rule of law, civil liberties, privacy and freedom."[35] It was also published at WashingtonsBlog.com.[36]


In 2011, Daniel Bruno created the Charles Lampkin Foundation in honor of his grandfather, Charles Lampkin (1913-1989). The foundation aims to counter Black anti-Intellectualism and the degrading effects of contemporary culture. Daniel Bruno is chairman of the Charles Lampkin Foundation.


  • "System and method for exercise based power generation and virtual currency reward program".[37]
  • "System and method for providing debt securities denominated in virtual currencies".[38]

Mainstream Political Activity

Daniel Bruno joined Barack Obama's Manhattan strategy committee in March, 2007 with the aim of overcoming New York Senator Hillary R. Clinton's overwhelming establishment backing and name recognition advantage as well as the widespread public perception of her inevitable nomination as the Democratic Party candidate for the 2008 presidential election.

Daniel Bruno published Why Obama Will Win in 2008 & 2012 that same year and used econometrics and other arcane tools of financial market analyses to forecast that Barack Hussein Obama would actually win the presidency in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.[39][40] Bruno also started writing articles for the Huffington Post under the nom de plume Daniel Bruno Sanz [41] and in July, 2008, attended the Democratic Party Convention in Denver, Colorado. Daniel Bruno launched the Huffpo Club in 2010.[42] Since that time, over 25,000 articles from diverse authors have been published. Daniel Bruno took a keen interest in 9/11 and produced a number of articles and videos challenging the offical account.[43]

Passport Problems

File:Consul Andrew Ellis tells Daniel Bruno his US citizenship is not a certainty after 5 years of passport renewal refusals by the State Department. february, 2019.mp3 Daniel Bruno's problems with the US State Department began in 2004.[44][45] A frequent international traveler, his routine request for additional passport pages was met with a demand to submit a new passport application from scratch. His valid passport was confiscated on the grounds that it was "damaged" and a replacement passport was denied pending interrogations of both him and his mother at the State Department in Washington, D.C.[46] Although prohibited by law from saying so overtly, the Department of State had concerns about Daniel Bruno's true identity in the wake of 9/11 (he appeared Muslim) and required an affidavit from his mother attesting that he was in fact, her son, even though her name is clearly stated on his birth certificate. A new, ten year passport was approved after both mother and son passed the interrogations, euphemistically called "interviews" by the State Department. The new passport had an expiry date of November, 2014.[47]

Exile in Argentina

In May, 2014, Daniel Bruno approached the US embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to renew his passport. The renewal was refused, so Daniel Bruno was prevented from returning to the US. [48]

Daniel Bruno retained counsel who were unsuccessful in getting the State Department to abide by U.S. nationality and passport laws.[49] [50] [51] Unless serving in the military, it is unlawful for any U.S. citizen to enter or depart from the United States without a valid U.S. passport.[52] Daniel Bruno alleges that the State Department gaslights [53][54][55] U.S. citizens not accused of any crime and abuses the passport and, in the case of foreigners, the visa application process to run unlawful, unconstitutional, open-ended fishing expeditions.[56][57] In April, 2019, the Department of State wrote a letter to Congressman Anthony Brown, Democrat from Maryland's 4th district, stating in part, that the Department of State is currently unable to confirm Daniel Bruno's true identity and United States citizenship and therefore, will not renew his passport until he complies with all (unspecified) requirements. The letter goes on to cite the "Privacy act" as an impediment to discussing the matter any further. This letter followed the March 7, 2019 three-hour criminal interrogation of Daniel Bruno at the United States embassy, Uruguay, by the consul, Major Andrew Ellis, formerly of the Prince George's County, Maryland, Police Department. No longer pursuing him as a possible Muslim subversive, the Department of State currently questions Daniel Bruno's U.S. citizenship due to his fluency in Spanish, other names used in the past and refusal to provide additional photos taken between 1982 to 1995.

Global Democracy Award

In April, 2019, Daniel Bruno won four journalism awards from USA Really, a highly censored and maligned, upstart of a website based in Moscow.[58] [59]

His essay "American Tinkering with the Russian Polity Opened the Halls of Power to Vladimir Putin"[60] won first prize in the John Reed essay contest. His essay "Candidates for Regime Change in 2019" [61] won second place in the Alduous Huxley "Future Intervention" essay contest. His 9/11 poem "Make America Great Again"and his re-write of the national anthem of the United States won[62] second place in the Nathaniel Hawthorne poetry contest and his video "Bogeymen: Build 'Em Up to Take 'Em Down"[63] won first place in the Saccho and Vanzetti video essay contest.

The United States government alleges that Usa Really is a project of the Federal News Agency, a media company linked to Russian government propaganda campaigns.[64] It also alleges that the Federal News Agency is owned by oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, a close ally of Vladimir Putin.

In late 2018, The US Department of the Treasury slapped sanctions on Usa Really, its editor Alexander Malkevich and the Federal News Agency for allegedly interfering in U.S. elections and running disinformation campaigns aimed at Americans.[65]

In March, 2019, the United States Cyber Command attacked the Federal News Agency website and the Treasury Department slapped additional sanctions on the company.[66][67]

Editor Alexander Malkevich resigned and was replaced by Leo Savin, editor of Katehon.com, a Russian website and think tank.[68][69]

As a result of the sanctions, USA Really was unable to announce the winners or award them the cash prizes.



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